Russian official explains why Pantsir-SM system is weaponry of the future

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MOSCOW – The Pantsir-SM missile and anti-aircraft artillery system is capable of destroying hypersonic targets, Colonel Yuri Muravkin, deputy chief of the Russian Missile Forces, told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

According to Muravkin, the Pantsir-SM is being created for future anti-aircraft battles. The colonel explained that the anti-aircraft battle of the future, especially in the last line of defense, will no longer be a duel between anti-aircraft missiles and tactical fighter pilots.

“It will be a battle between vehicles – intelligent, precise, operating in large groups, across the altitudes range, at high speeds, often hypersonic,” Muravkin said.

Muravkin added that Pantsir-SM will receive “new radar missile guidance and reconnaissance systems, high-speed computing and a new guided anti-aircraft missile with a longer range of fire and more powerful warhead.”

Artificial intelligence

In addition, the Pantsir-SM will have “artificial intelligence elements that will not only allow to survive in the most difficult conditions to fight against the enemy air of the future, but also come out of it as a winner.”

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Meanwhile, the newest Tosochka heavy-duty flamethrower system will have artificial intelligence and will be more compact than its predecessors, a source in the military-industrial complex said.

“The Tosochka heavy-duty flamethrower system, which is being tested today , will be different from its predecessors by the presence of artificial intelligence elements its range of shot increased significantly,” said the expert.

Specialist added that the weapons system “has become quite beautiful” with its improved ergonomics, and said that today “there are no other similar models in the world”.

Earlier, Vladimir Lepin, the director-general of the consortium developer of this system, Tekhmash, told reporters that the Tosochka tests will be completed by 2020.

Nowadays, it is known that, unlike its predecessor Solntsepiok, the Tosochka is installed on a chassis with wheels. Such a decision was made by the developers taking into account the experience of operating flamethrower systems on track chassis in desert areas.

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