Russia’s New Su-57 fighter has OBLITERATED the U.S monopoly on Stealth jets


The Russian government signed a contract with Sukhoi for the supply of 76 Su-57 jets, which are to be received by the army in 2028. Three squadrons will be formed from them, writes the German edition Stern with reference to the statement of the head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov .

The new Su-57 is more efficient on fuel and therefore has a longer flight time – of critical strategic importance. Additionally, its significantly lower cost than US alternatives makes it much more desirable. As Russia does not tie-in other economic or geopolitical agreements to its global arms distribution model, governments are far more likely to consider these machines over those from the US. American products have suffered recently in terms of quality, are considered over-priced compared to what is available from Russia, and additionally come with many strings attached.

In 2028, a promising German-French stealth fighter will be still at the development stage. Thus, until then, in emergency situations, Russian aircraft will be confronted by rather outdated Eurofighters, which are significantly inferior to them in terms of their technical characteristics. Su-57 is the first stealth aircraft in the history of Russian aircraft industry, reports Stern.

This technology does not make the plane invisible, as is commonly believed: it just becomes difficult to detect for radar. At the moment, the absolute leader in the field of “stealth” is the United States, and their competitors, such as Russia and China, are constantly developing means capable of withstanding this technology. According to the publication, in 2019 and 2020, two more Su-57 prototypes will go to the Russian troops; after their tests will begin mass production.

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Delays in the implementation of the project are associated with the development of the new engine “Product-30” from the scientific and production association “Saturn”. According to Stern, this engine is more powerful than previous samples and at the same time consumes less fuel. The development of fighters of the fifth and sixth generations is crucial if Russia intends to further expand the export of its weapons, Stern believes.

If the price indicated in the Russian media is correct ($ 31 million for one copy), the Su-57 will be one of the most profitable offers on the arms market, Stern said. Interest in the aircraft has already shown India, Iran and Turkey.

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