Shoigu reveals to Putin the causes of Submarine fire that killed 14


MOSCOW – According to the report filed on July 4th by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the main cause of the catastrophic emergency on board the submarine, which killed 14 submariners, was a fire in the battery compartment.

“The main cause of the incident has been established – it was a fire in the battery compartment,” the Kremlin website quotes Shoigu.

Shoigu believes that the deep-water apparatus of the Navy can be restored, and the time frame within which this work can be carried out is now being evaluated. At the same time, the nuclear power plant on the underwater vehicle did not suffer, this allows us to hope for “a relatively short time to restore the apparatus.”

“Plus, with the actions of the crew, all the necessary measures were taken to protect the installation, it is fully operational,” said the Minister of Defense.

The minister also reported on assistance to the families of the dead submariners: everyone will be assisted, with “getting a decent education for children, who are still studying, and, of course, a decent living – as was done earlier in our past experience.” Families with minor children will be provided until their 18th birthday with a money allowance in the amount of wages that submariners received during their lifetime.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a list of all submariners who died during the fire at the research deep-water apparatus in the Barents Sea. Among them are Heroes of Russia, captains of the first, second and third ranks, a doctor and a lieutenant commander.

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