STILL TRUMP’S PUPPET? Brazilian President Bolsonaro says he has ‘deep respect’ for Putin

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President Jair Bolsonaro has expressed deep respect for Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin and hopes that this will help him resolve the Venezuelan crisis, local media reported.

“I have deep respect for Putin, I had a quick meeting with him in Osaka (at the G20 summit) and he left a very good impression, I think it was reciprocal,” Bolsonaro told a press conference on Friday.

Bolsonaro also said he intends to work to strengthen economic relations with Russia.

“Brazil is open arms to economic agreements, we are not guided by ideology, as in the past,” he added without feeling a sense of contradiction considering his positions against Venezuela and Cuba.

He also hopes that the relationship with Putin will help unravel the political crisis that Venezuela is experiencing.

“I also hope that Russia helps us in the question of Venezuela,” commented Bolsonaro, without going into more detail.

Bolsonaro and Putin met in Osaka as part of an informal meeting of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

They will meet again in November during the official BRICS summit to be held in Brasilia.

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Putin met for the first time with his Brazilian colleague Bolsonaro at the BRICS meeting in Osaka, Japan, at the G20 summit, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Peskov went onto explain that Brazil acted as host and chair of the BRICS informal meeting.

“While waiting for other participants, Putin had the opportunity to get to know Brazilian President Bolsonaro well, it was their first meeting and they had the chance to have a good conversation,” Peskov revealed.

According to the spokesman of the Russian presidency, the two leaders highlighted the effectiveness and importance of a format such as BRICS.

At their meeting, the leaders of the bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) reaffirmed their commitment to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and multilateralism.

“The BRICS meeting spoke of the instability of world trade, but many said that it was necessary to reform the WTO to achieve greater efficiency in the work of this body that has no alternative,” Peskov said.

He added that India also raised the need to consolidate collaboration among the five nations in the fight against terrorism.

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