‘Strike in the Prestige of the USA’: Why does the US look for weaknesses in the Russian S-400 systems?

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AUSTIN, U.S. – The Russian S-400 system is one of the most effective anti-aircraft defense systems yet, but it is still vulnerable, private intelligence company Stratfor said.

According to the company’s experts, a massive attack can pose a threat to these systems if the S-400s are not supported by other air defense methods.

The report also notes that the range of the S-400 can reach 400 kilometers, but certain geographic conditions, such as mountainous terrain, can reduce the effectiveness of the radar capabilities of these systems.

Efficiency depends on operators

Therefore, according to Stratfor, in the mountains, the S-400 system can shoot down a cruise missile flying at low altitude not hundreds of kilometers away, but only tens of kilometers away.

Ultimately, Stratfor experts emphasize that the effectiveness of Russian S-400 systems depends on the country in which it is used and on the capabilities of military operators.

Press Leakage

However, analyst Igor Korotchenko, director of the International Arms Trade Analysis Center, explained in an interview on Tuesday that this publication of American experts, who sought deficiencies in the Russian S-400, is a press leak aimed at misinformation and has to do with losing US customers to its own Patriot complexes.

“The attempts by Americans to seek flaws in the S-400 are understandable, they are caused by the envy of Russia’s success, because now the S-400 is a well-known brand around the world as well as Kalashnikov assault rifle,” he said.

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Korotchenko added that “even a country like Turkey, a member of NATO, wanted to buy these systems and not the American Patriot systems. This reaches to the prestige of the United States, making them the object of criticism and ridicule.”

Strategic victory

In addition, military observer for the Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda and retired colonel Viktor Baranets added that the US suffered a strategic defeat, missing the chance of resolving the issue of delivering F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.

“If the Russian system has vulnerabilities, why do they say that the acquisition of the S-400 by Turkey would threaten the US F-35 fighters? The US has suffered a strategic defeat, missing the opportunity to resolve the issue of delivering the F-35,” he said.

Thus, according to the expert, “Russia has achieved another strategic victory by increasing the number of partners. And Turkey is becoming one of those partners because the S-400s it has just acquired represent not only a weapon, but also cooperation for many years,” he concluded.

Unique Features

The S-400 is a modern long-range air defense system designed to destroy aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, including medium range missiles, and can also be used against ground installations.

It has a range of up to 400 kilometers and is capable of reaching targets flying at altitudes of up to 30 kilometers. Turkey became the third country (after Belarus and China) to which Moscow provides these systems. India should soon join them.

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