SUPPORTING NEPOTISM? Zionist Salvini wants Bolsonaro’s son appointmented as US ambassador

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ROME – Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he is happy with Eduardo Bolsonaro’s, the son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, appointment as Brazil’s ambassador to the United States.

On his Twitter, Matteo Salvini published a photo accompanied by Eduardo Bolsonaro declaring that he was happy to have Eduardo nominated for the post of Brazilian ambassador to the United States.

“Happy that my friend Eduardo Bolsonaro has been indicated as the next Ambassador of Brazil in the United States, from Italy, our embrace,” Salvini said in a tweet.

Speaks English and fries hamburger too.

Rumors about the possible appointment of Eduardo Bolsonaro to the post of ambassador in the United States came after the president declared last week that he is considering referring his son to the embassy in Washington.

The possibility generated controversy in social networks and showed that Brazilians have a critical view on the indication. Luiz Augusto Castro Neves, a former Brazilian ambassador to China, Japan, Paraguay, Canada and the United Kingdom, said that approving the appointment of the president’s son will not be easy due to current political tensions. In addition, according to the agency’s interlocutor, Brazil rarely appoints ambassadors from those outside diplomatic careers.

The president again spoke on the appointment of the son on Tuesday, stating that Eduardo speaks foreign languages, “has an international experience and fries hamburger as well.”

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Salvini is also known for his constant praise towards Israel and his denouncement of Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah.

He denounced the Resistance group as “terrorists” and doubled down on his comments onfollowing criticism from the 5-Star Movement, his coalition allies.

“It is strange to read in the Italian newspapers that some people are amazed that I call Islamist terrorists what they are, Islamist terrorists,” he said in a video on his Facebook page.

“Let us give the right weight to words. If we do not identify the adversary, I am not saying enemy but adversary, then the game will never be won,” he said.

Italy is usually highly cautious over Hezbollah, not wanting to create problems for Italian forces operating in Lebanon as part of the U.N. peacekeeping force, UNIFIL. It is a major contributor to UNIFIL, which is currently headed by an Italian, Major General Stefano Del Col.

Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta, who is a member of 5-Star, urged Salvini to think carefully about what he says. “We always have to have in mind that our soldiers every day risk their lives for our stability,” she said in a statement.

Another 5-Star politician, foreign ministry undersecretary Manilo Di Stefano, went further: “To speak about geopolitics without understanding the causes and only to support the strongest party, damages (the region’s) people and peace.”

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