The popularity of US puppet Guaidó is decreasing and the right-wing opposition loses ground

Guaido, the man who need the US to be president
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CARACAS – Venezuela is experiencing a political-economic crisis that intensified in January after the US-backed opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself president in charge. However, now his popularity is declining and the opposition, which opted for a rapid change of power, is losing ground.

On July 25, the US Department of the Treasury announced new sanctions against people and companies allegedly linked to the importation of food.

The list published on the Treasury Department website includes 10 people, including children of the first lady, Cilia Flores.

The Treasury Department accused those who appear on the aforementioned list of “running a large-scale corruption network” linked to the low-cost food social program CLAP.

For his part, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that the sanctions imposed by the US Government will not stop the CLAP program.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza wrote in his Twiiter account: “Venezuela denounces to the international community the repeated practice of economic terrorism by the US Government against the Venezuelan people, announcing measures whose criminal purpose is to deprive all Venezuelans of your right to food.”

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The general director of the Latin American Center Hugo Chávez, Egor Lidovskoi, estimates that the US no longer trusts that Juan Guaidó can take power. But they must keep up appearances since they have endorsed Guaidó.

“It is clear that the US has failed to take a quick coup. It was not simply because the Venezuelan people were on the side of President Maduro. I think the US will not leave the situation to the good of God… Guaidó, in my opinion, decided to wait for everything to be done for him, to change power by military means, to feel it in the presidential chair and so he can enjoy of that role,” said the Russian expert.

“But Maduro has also strengthened. He drew the conclusions of the case and, therefore, I do not believe that there is a change of power. I think the legitimate president will continue to rule the country,” said Lidovskoi.

Dr. Mario Duarte, Administrative Judge, member of the International Geopolitics Dossier team, and General Secretary of the Center for Studies in Strategy and Public Policies, expert in cybersecurity and cyber defense, commented on the issue from Argentina:

“Every time there is a lot of weakness in the illegitimate powers that this person has in the international community. Far from the objectives that the US has set for Guaidó to produce a revolution. Unfortunately, this nation is the first country to suffer a hybrid war. The economic situation in which this country is immersed is caused by powerful countries that want to take over the natural resources of the region.”

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