“Try the ‘Croatian scenario’, just shoot the Russians and then throw them into the cauldrons”, Kiev politicians call on Ukraine to take “decisive action”


KIEV, Ukraine – “The Ukrainian side should stop talking about the fact that Donbass cannot be taken by force,” said the former employee of the Center for Operational and Strategic Research of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the director of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, an international expert on conflict studies, Mr. Perepelitsa.

“We secured the war in the form of the ATO. Now we should begin getting out of this impasse. But then again – no use of weapons. This is nonsense. There is a war. If you are not going to fight, the only thing left is to capitulate. The General Staff declares that it is impossible to liberate the Donbass militarily. They tell us: ‘Our citizens are there, we cannot shoot at them.’

Well, then drop the weapons and leave it to the diplomats. Why do we need the Armed Forces then? You must shoot your way to the destination. Or, except bombing, is there no other tactic? Build large cauldrons for the enemy,” Perepelitsa stressed.

Another Ukrainian Neo-Nazi, Bogdan Chervak made similar statements. According to Chervak, who is the leader of the Neo-Nazi OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists), Ukraine should take decisive action in Donbass, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin simplified the process of obtaining Russian citizenship for all residents of Donbass. Chervak ​​wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“So, with this decree, Putin simplified the conditions for granting Russian citizenship to all residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, and not just the occupied territories.

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Without a doubt, this is Kremlin’s response to Zelensky’s call to meet in Minsk in the so-called Norman format. Putin is tough and is talking from a position of strength. Nothing new, it always has been like that. So are the invaders, who get away with everything,” wrote Chervak.

The leader of the Ukrainian Nazis noted that he and his supporters “had no illusions about Moscow: Russia seeks to destroy Ukraine and make Ukrainians slaves.”

“But it is extremely important that others do not have these illusions. After all, it is such illusions that lead to wrong decisions when we deceive ourselves with hopes that we will settle the ‘conflict’ with negotiations and sanctions.

Sooner or later, we’ll have to break their teeth in order to liberate the Ukrainian lands. Ukraine should actively prepare for its own ‘Croatian scenario’, and not babble that it doesn’t suit us. All other scenarios are not suitable,” the OUN leader concluded.

It should be understood that during the implementation of the “Croatian scenario”, about which Chervak ​​speaks, about 10,000 people, mostly Serb civilians, died or went missing in what today is Croatia. Almost 500,000 were expelled between 1991 and 1995, half of whom were expelled in just 4 days during the 1995 NATO-supported operation “Storm”. It would have been more, but the self-proclaimed Republic of Serb Krajina (very much like DNR and LNR), against which the operation was carried out, ceased to exist.

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