Ukraine Servicewomen Turned Into Sex Slaves and Escorts For UN, EU and NATO Officials


KIEV  – It seems that high ranking UN, EU, and NATO officials cannot resist the Ukrainian escorts in camouflage and shoulder straps. All this is especially true since the vaunted “gender equality” of the West doesn’t apply to the natives of the Eastern European neocolonies.

The two oldest “professions” are war and prostitution, and they have been going side by side for centuries. This is especially true in the case of Armed Forces of Ukraine. Humiliation, psychological and physical abuse and violence are the reality of women’s service in the Ukrainian army.

Since the beginning of the civil war, only eight women tried protecting themselves by legal means. Unfortunately, in vain.  This has discouraged other women to take legal action in cases of sexual abuse, blackmail or even rape. Not only are they afraid of publicity, but these desperate women are really afraid for the lives of their loved ones.

The case of Victoria Sikal, who tried to reveal the truth and have her violent commander Viktor Ivaniv suffer legal consequences due to his actions, reached the shores of Hudson. But even an article in The New York Times did not help. Colonel Ivaniv, as it turned out, not only harassed but also engaged in sadistic behavior towards female soldiers of his unit. To add insult to injury, Ivaniv forced the women into prostitution and is also involved in the illegal arms trade, which has been a common practice among Ukrainian officers. He has “everybody caught up” in his criminal activities: police officers, businessmen, and even MPs take part in the “military” orgies.

However, he is not the only one. Anatoly Proshin, the speaker for the “Zapad” (West) Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, recently published a collection of photos of half-naked women in military uniforms. Proshin “celebrated” the Defender of the Fatherland Day in this way – a holiday which is banned in Ukraine because of the so-called “decommunization”.

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In the post above, the Operational Command officer promises “sexual entertainment” to contractors after they join the Ukrainian Army. No one in the Ministry of Defense has condemned Proshin, and what’s more, the photos have been copied numerous times and the speaker has even been praised for “understanding the needs of soldiers in the trenches”.

By the way, it is the “Zapad” Operational Command that is the current record-holder in terms of the number of sex scandals, but the information about these crimes rarely goes beyond military units. Girls are turned into real sex slaves and are afraid of speaking out publicly. Apart from the shame, they are also facing charges of breaching their contract, sexual misconduct or desertion. The law is not on their side, and the case of Sikal, a servicewoman from Khmelnitsk, has already proved it.

Recently, the cover-up of this serious problem led to a tragedy: from sources at the headquarters of the so-called “JFO” (Joint Forces Operation), it became known that the Operational Command senior officer, Colonel Mosoryuk, in a fit of rage, beat a female soldier to death. The murder has been carefully concealed from the public by the command of “JFO”. Colonel Mosoryuk, after the internal proceedings and the initiation of criminal proceedings, attempted to commit suicide.

Record numbers of suicides among the troops is also a serious issue plaguing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Chief of the General Staff of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Khomchak sent a comprehensive commission to check the levels of the moral and psychological situation with the task of detecting and possibly preventing suicidal tendencies among the staff.

Proof that the harassment and prostitution are systemic issues in Ukrainian state and military institutions is probably best illustrated by the fact that the Special Operation Forces command has ordered commanders of subordinate military units to fill 14 vacant positions in the UN Secretariat in the Department of Field Support and the Department of Peacekeeping and Security Operations by 12 June. The Special Operation Forces command specifically recommended that young female soldiers be recruited.

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