US can try be aggressive but Iran can detect many types of modern stealth aircraft


TEHRAN – Iran’s Chief of Air Defense says the country is self-sufficient in developing radar systems capable of locating US stealth aircraft.

Iranian Air Defense Commander Alireza Sabahi Fard said he was confident in his country’s defense capabilities against the most advanced western technologies, in particular the detection of “invisible” aircraft.

“Iran can now detect various types of stealth aircraft, and that is only part of our capabilities. We are self-sufficient in developing radar systems and can detect different modern US aircraft,” said Sabahi Fard.

In conversation with Iranian Air Defense veterans, the commander warned those trying to prove otherwise.

“Our defense power has made our enemies aware that if they conflict with us, they will be seriously damaged, ” he said.

Last Wednesday, amid tensions with the US, Tehran carried out the testing of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, stating that it flew 1,000 km.

In June of this year, Iran introduced a new nationally produced air defense system, called the Khordad 15. According to the country’s military, the equipment could bring down planes and drones at a distance of 120 km and a maximum altitude of 27 km, tracking “invisible objects” and intercepting them 45 km away.

The country’s army assures that such tests are defensive and are not directed against any country, Mehr reported.

This comes as on the night of July 24-25, Iran conducted tests of a mid-range ballistic missile that flew 1,000 kilometers away. Iranian officials have not even announced the tests.

According to the media, the missile was launched in the south of the country and traveled about 1,000 kilometers to the north of the country.

Iran’s missile program remains subject to disagreement , in particular, with respect to UN Resolution 2231. The United States says this resolution prohibits Iran from launching missiles. However, the Iranian Ministry of Defense underlines that the releases do not violate the resolution.

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