US is trying to STARVE Venezuelans into submission

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CARACAS – The Venezuelan government stated that this new American attack on the sovereignty of Venezuela is due to its political despair, because of the inability to achieve their interference objectives in the Latin American country.

The Venezuelan authorities denounced the new Friday attacks perpetrated by the Government of the United States of America (USA) through coercive measures that harm the Venezuelan people and their basic human right – to have food on the table.

In a statement issued by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, the Venezuelan Government denounced the attack and reported it to the international community. Foreign Minister Arreaza denounced the repeated aggression of the US Government against the people of the Bolivarian Republic.

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“The Trump Administration has blocked bank transactions, purchases of food, medicine, and medical supplies, and has carried out countless actions in order to ignore the sovereign will of the Venezuelan people and force a change of the government through unconstitutional means,” the Venezuelan Foreign Minister stated.

In addition, he described these unilateral and illegal actions as economic terrorism and also a violation of the international community laws, given the notable violation of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations.

The Venezuelan government says that this new US attack is happening because of the American political despair due to their inability to achieve successful interference objectives in the South American nation.

The government also highlights that it denounces measures announced by the US, as the Americans have joined the perverse slander campaign against the family of the legitimate Venezuelan head of state, Nicolás Maduro.

They also reaffirm that they will never give in to blackmails of the imperialist powers (in particular the United States), on the contrary, “We will face them with courage, dignity and democratic conviction, as we have always done.”

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