VIDEO: Kominternovo – “Even German Nazis were more humane”


Kimnternovo, Donbass – Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are firing forbidden AP (armor piercing) and .50 cal rounds, 120 mm shells and even anti-tank guided missiles at an 81-year-old man.

“God, if you do exist, please help and make it possible that money which is spent on weapons would be used for the good of the people,” – elderly Nikolai prayed. He put together in his garden a collection of large-caliber (.50 cal/12.7mm) machine-gun bullets, anti-aircraft shells and even remains of anti-tank guided missiles. Nikolai was born in 1938 and still remembers World War II and the Germans. In his opinion, even they were “more humane” in comparison to the modern-day Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. Like many other homes in Kominternovo, his house was destroyed and burnt down by shelling. Now, the 81-year-old man has to live in a shed and listen fearfully to the sound of shells and bullets flying over his roof.

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