VIDEO: Kominternovo – “Please bring Putin here”


Kominternovo, Donbass – When Alexander speaks, you feel the bitterness in his voice. His house is burnt to the ground, bullets are flying over his head every day and it’s hard for Kominternovo resident to understand the use of Russian talk-shows about Donbass. He lives only 500 meters away from Ukrainian positions (and Ukrainian troops keep on getting closer and closer), in a shed surrounded by a fruit garden, burnt down by incendiary bullets. “Here is my kitchen, sauna, laundry room. Anything you need. Even guests are coming over!” – tells Alexander. These simple words are heart-breaking. Because this is the most dangerous part of the settlement, every step on Kirova Street can be your last one… During the interview, a machine gun is shooting nearby and a bullet is swishing very close. However, local people are so used to the warfare, that it doesn’t even interrupt a conversation.

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