VIDEO: Kominternovo, “They can’t burn down our faith”


KOMINTERNOVO, Donbass – Saint Spyridon church has suffered shelling and small arms fire through all the years of war. Its shining dome is an easy target for Ukrainian Armed Forces. Church walls are wrecked by shrapnel, while the front door is dotted with bullet holes. Four mortar shells landed in the immediate vicinity of the church just three days ago.

Nevertheless, few, but unwavering parishioners of Kominternovo continue to come to church services. Faith is almost all they have left. This settlement in the south of Donetsk Republic is often shelled by incendiary munitions.

Houses are burning almost every night and on the 5th of July as a result of a direct hit, the roof of the church was on fire. DPR servicemen and local residents had to put out the fire, even under constant large-caliber machine-gun and small arms fire. Right after that, as soon as a house goes on fire, Ukrainian shelling becomes even more intense to hinder people’s effort to save their homes. Fortunately, all the icons were saved and the services in the temple would soon resume.

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