VIDEO – Six murdered by Israeli air Attack on Syrian town


DAMASCUS – At about 1am on July 1st, the Israeli military launched an illegal attack across western and southwestern Damascus which caused significant damage to civilian areas. While Syrian anti air defense systems were successful in downing some 60% of the Israeli missiles fired from Lebanese territory, many missiles hit in civilian areas nonetheless.

The targeted sites for the Israeli Air Force apparently included the town of Sahnaya, which is located just west of the Damascus-Daraa Highway. At the same time, it’s strategic significance is in question, and those killed were civilians.

Several homes and farms were destroyed along the Sahnaya-Jdeidat Artouz Road,  making last night’s attack among the most serious to date.

According to several sources, as a result of this attack on Sahnaya at least six people were killed, including two children and their parents.

Given the nature of the attack, it appears to be the result of Russian assurances to Tehran that it does not oppose the presence of Iranian military advisers in Syria and will not be honoring Israeli requests that Russia work to remove Iran from the Syrian conflict. Iran  participates on the side of the legitimate, UN recognized state of Syria, and was invited to engage in the anti-terrorist campaign by the Syrian government.

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