VIDEO: This is why the Russian Spetsnaz are NOT TO BE MESSED WITH


Russian Spetsnaz are known to be one of the best special operations units in the world. And they have proven this more than once. Two years ago, 16 Russian Spetsnaz operators defeated 300 jihadists.

This was reported by multiple news sources and before anyone thinks this just might be Russian chest-thumping, it’s best that our readers see for themselves how a regular training day of the Russian Spetsnaz looks like.

This video was released by a retired officer of the Russian special forces known under the nickname “Razvedos”. In his video blog, being a highly trained professional, he provides overviews and analysis of various equipment, methods, and tactics of modern warfare. This video was originally released by Razvedos in Russian on July 13, 2019, while the South Front took the effort of translating it to English. The video demonstrates fragments of the training methods and training elements of Russian special task forces.

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