VIDEO – Turkey Receives S-400s and proceeds to announce Drilling in Cypriot Waters


The Turkish military will adopt the S-400 systems, received from Russia, in April 2020, as stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today. He said that the S-400 AA-defense systems are the best in the world and Turkey would be able to ensure its security at the highest level. The EU has imposed sanctions on Turkey for exploration activities within the territorial waters of another country. However, Ankara doesn’t agree with that. It insists that the riches of Eastern Mediterranean belong to Turkey. – Vesti

One viewer commented:

This has nothing to do with “the west”. Turkey has been illegally occupying northern Cyprus for 4 decades. ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL LAW. This “report” cmpletely skipped that. Nothing to do with Crimea nothing to do with anything like that. The island before the Turkish invasion was around 80% Greek inhabitants and 20% Turkish. Turkey invaded fearing a (re)unification with Greece. Even if we ignore all this and the fact that Turkey is illegally occupying half the island, it is also illegal to drill in the territorial waters of Cyprus without a permission. Funny how Russians go with whatever suits them. I used to consider them the side that follows the law no matter what the issue is. This issue and the way its presented makes it completely obvious that its not about what is legal for Russia either. Its just about what suits them and their interests. Not to mention that the people they are trying to fuck there are Greeks, the same people from which Russia inherited a lot of its traditions, religion etc. Disgusting. Go fuck yourselves and your sultan, who by the way was the biggest ISIS and al qaeda boss. But again, its not in your interests currently to mention anything is it.

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