VIDEO: White Phosphorus Attacks and Shelling! Kominternovo Never Gets a Break


DONETSK – Kominternovo never gets a break. Shelling and small arms fire have been incessant for the last 5 years. There have been three major attacks last week only. On July 6 an Orthodox church was shelled and on July 7 there was a white phosphorus attack.

“Whatever didn’t get destroyed by shelling simply burns down… There is simply no place for living on this street,” a resident noted bitterly.

Five years ago it was the most joyful street in Kominternovo, with lots of young people were living here. Nowadays all that is left are ruins and houses burnt down by incendiary shells. It’s dangerous to walk here any time of the day or night: the street is under the constant fire and Ukrainian machine guns are shooting explosive bullets quite often. Nevertheless, few but fearless people are still living in the middle of this chaos.

Do you ever have to dodge bullets while in your own backyard? Hearing them cutting down leaves on the trees and hitting walls of your house. Listening with fear: was it a sound of a grenade launcher or large-caliber machine gun? Wondering if it’s the sound of burning grass or your neighbor’s house is already engulfed in flames of fire… Imagine, this is a regular summer night of residents of Kominternovo. Just listen to this “music of the night” and admire the tranquility of these courageous people.

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