Vucic: The American deep state considers Serbia guilty for everything

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BELGRADE – Serbian President Alexander Vucic claimed this morning, July 8th, that an agreement with the Kosovo Albanians would be an important achievement for the future of Serbian citizens, but that it is impossible to reach an agreement with those who say that “you must recognize us within the existing borders.”

“I have always said that the Serbs and Albanians must agree on this. If we were left alone, maybe we would have reached an agreement,” Vucic said on RTS television. This was in reference to the interference of the U.S, which has pushed on the self-declared ‘government’ in Kosovo not to reach any agreement with Belgrade which could lead to any recognition or normalization, if it required any land concessions ‘back’ to Belgrade.

Belgrade, in line with the Serbian constitution, considers all of Kosovo to be an integral part of Serbia.  

According to the President of Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija is an important territory for the country, but the most important part of it is the area in which the Serbs live. Therefore, the task of Belgrade is to take care of the Serbian population of Kosovo and Metohija and provide it with conditions for survival.

Vucic also stressed that he personally would not be considered a defeat if the agreement with Pristina is not reached before the expiration of his presidential term, but in his opinion, this would be a good foundation for the future of Serbia and its citizens.

According to the Serbian President, “there was always America in the negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina”, without which, just like Russia and other influential states, it is impossible to resolve the issue. “But how to reach the decision, if some say – you have to recognize us within the existing borders, and this is the only solution?” Vucic asked.

Commenting on the words of the former head of the CIA department in the Balkans, Stephen Meier , that “the American proposal on delimitation will not be in force for a long time,” Vucic said that there was no proposal.

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“When you talk to President Trump’s staff, they’re more open to different solutions and they don’t always support an independent Kosovo. But you also have the State Department and the so-called deep state, but they still firmly adhere to the policy of pressure — Serbia is to blame for everything, ”said the Serbian leader.

Alexander Vucic also stated that in September or October he would visit Kosovo and tell the Serbian population about investment projects that Belgrade intends to implement in the areas where the Serbs live.

“We want to invest 9.5 billion dinars to improve people’s lives. We plan to invest in Serbian cities in Metohija, as well as in the Kosovo Pomoravle region. We can do this because we have money, ” Vucic said.

Vucic blasted the American deep state, which is committed to the destruction of Serbia. Serbia has long been considered the south-western most protrusion of Russia’s historical influence in Europe, in the Balkans.

Earlier Alexander Vucic, as a solution to the Kosovo issue, proposed “a distinction with the Albanians”, without specifying where the line of this distinction should go. Nevertheless, such an idea was rejected by both the Serbian public and the “Prime Minister” of the separatist Kosovo Ramush Haradinai , who said that the only possible solution to the Kosovo issue is Belgrade’s recognition of its independence within the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija.

In 1999, the United States its NATO allied illegally occupied the Kosovo region of Serbia. A UN resolution was reached which was based upon the eventual return of the autonomous region to Serbian governance, But in 2008, the US backed military government composed of ethnic Albanians, staged a referendum and declared Kosovo an independent country. It is not recognized by the UN, nor by governments representing the majority of the planet’s humanity.


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