WAIT, WHAT?! US jets invade Venezuelan airspace but blames Russia

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The Pentagon has posted images of the interception of one of its reconnaissance aircraft by a Venezuelan military aviation aircraft over the Caribbean Sea.

According to the US Department of Defense, a Venezuelan Su-30 fighter intercepted an American Navy Aries II EP-3 in international airspace “in an unprofessional manner” and ” aggressively tracked ” an “unsafe distance” for the crew and the aircraft.

Showing images of the incident, the US Army said on Sunday that the interception occurred on July 19 on the Caribbean Sea.

In a statement, Washington accuses Russia of the incident because the Russian-made hunt, and claims that this action demonstrates Russia’s irresponsible military support to the Nicolas Maduro government.

“This demonstrates action #Russia’s military irresponsible to support illegitimate system’s of Maduro & underscores’s recklessness & irresponsible behavior, Which rule of law undermines Int’l & efforts to counter illicit trafficking,” the US Southern Command said in a delusional tweet.

However, these fighters were acquired in the mid-2000s, under the presidency of Hugo Chavez.

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The Venezuelan government reported that it had responded to an “incursion of a US reconnaissance and intelligence aircraft” (capable of interfering with communication systems), which violated the national airspace in a “frank provocation to the country” near Caracas .

Images of the incident were also shared by the Venezuelan military . During the interception, there was no physical contact between aircraft.

According to the information presented on the website of the Venezuelan government, an American EP-3E ARIES II radio-electronic intelligence and exploration aircraft entered Venezuelan airspace.

According to Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, the US aircraft entered Venezuelan airspace “without an aeronautical frequency report … constituting an aircraft risk for other aircraft.”

In addition, during a televised ceremony the minister explained that “things like this happen almost every day” in the Venezuelan seas and skies.

Caracas has 24 Su-30 fighters purchased from Russia and plans to acquire another 12 units under the military-technical cooperation with Moscow.

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