WATCH: Croatian MoD stupidly publishes secret NATO maps and puts 17,000 soldiers at risk


ZAGREB – The Croatian Ministry of Defense (MoD) seems to have accidentally published classified NATO maps in Afghanistan. According to the Croatian media, the scandal happened in the midst of a media conference announcing that Croatian soldiers were targeted in a terrorist attack in Kabul.

A spokeswoman for the NATO mission in Afghanistan contacted the N1 Television after the Croatian Defense Ministry published highly classified information at a press conference, which was subsequently published by all media in the country.

After the Croatian Defense Minister Damir Krsticevic told a press conference that three Croatian soldiers were wounded during a terrorist attack, during which he also showed a map of the site of the attack, today N1 television was contacted by NATO official Debra Richardson, with a request to remove the map at which the route of the terrorist attack on the Croatian military vehicle was plotted, because it is a threat to security and the disclosure of highly confidential data.

“The published photo related to this story is highly confidential and should never have been released to the public,” Richardson said, adding that the publication of the photo “endangers the security of the coalition forces in Kabul and throughout Afghanistan”.

Asked whether she contacted the Croatian defense ministry, Richardson responded:

“I believe that NATO services are contacting the Croatian Defense Ministry.”

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Croatian Defense Minister Krsticevic was also present at the conference, but he denied any classified information was released.

“I do not know where did you get this information, because everything that Croatia published was needed, and we did not publish anything that was unnecessary and we did not breach any security protocols or anything of sorts, we took care of security of the information and we wanted to make sure that the people in Croatia were well-informed, that the Croatian public was informed,” Krsticevic stated.

The scandal with the leak of the highly classified information happened just a day after the Croatian Defense Ministry announced that a Taliban attack left one Croatian soldier dead and two more severely wounded. Croatia has been part of the NATO invasion force in Afghanistan since 2003 and it has started paying the price for its support of US imperialism.

The following video clearly shows that at 1:50, Croatian officer is not just showing, but also explaining the positions of NATO troops in the area, which means that practically all NATO troops in Afghanistan could be in danger were they to come to the area, especially given that NATO troops are constantly on rotation duty.

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