What are the unique AWESOME features of the new Russian flamethrower


MOSCOW – July 6, 2019  – The newest Tosochka heavy-duty flamethrower system will have artificial intelligence and will be more compact than its predecessors, a source in the military-industrial complex of Russia said.

“The Tosochka heavy-duty flamethrower system, which is being tested today, will be different from its predecessors by the presence of artificial intelligence elements its range of shot increased significantly,” said the source.

Specialist added that the weapons system “has become quite beautiful” with its improved ergonomics, and said that today “there are no other similar models in the world”.

Earlier, Vladimir Lepin, the director-general of the consortium developer of this system, Tekhmash, told reporters that the Tosochka tests will be completed by 2020.

“Yes, we want to complete and start providing it to the troops, if all goes well,” he said, emphasizing that the missile fully confirms its characteristics.

Depending on the configurations, the missile is capable of exploding before reaching the obstacle, during the collision or after the obstacle, traversing it without exploding.

The S-8 was designed to equip Su-25 ground attack aircraft and Mi-8 helicopters.

Nowadays, it is known that, unlike its predecessor Solntsepiok, the Tosochka is installed on a chassis with wheels. Such a decision was made by the developers taking into account the experience of operating flamethrower systems on track chassis in desert areas.

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According to him, the system of heavy flamethrowers is also in the same phase of tests.

“They started to develop it, the work is under way. Such complex systems can not be done in a day,” he explained.

In addition, the director general said that negotiations on the assembly of Russian ammunition in Indonesia are under way. These are artillery shells and possibly also multiple rocket launcher systems.

Finally, developed in the Soviet Union, Russia’s multiple Grad rocket launch system is being modernized to the next generation of Tornado-G systems, said Aleksandr Kochkin, deputy director of Russian manufacturer Techmash.

“The new Tornado-G rocket launcher has just been commissioned, and its operations are automated as much as possible, and today, based on the scientific and technical implemented a project to modernize the BM-21 Grad to the Tornado-G level,” Kochkin said.

In early May, the deputy director of the Russian ammunition manufacturer reported that the country’s Armed Forces had received the first batch of 300mm Tornado-S.

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