Who will protect Venezuela from the imperialists?

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CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro thanked Russia, China, Qatar, India and Turkey for supporting Venezuelan development.

Nicolás Maduro appreciated the “support, follow-up and advice” that countries give to boost the “productive development” of the South American state.

“Sooner or later, we unleashed our productive forces and turned Venezuela into a world agricultural power,” Maduro wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister also visited Venezuela, which Maduro called a “positive working meeting.”

The meetings were held amid the introduction of new US sanctions, which this time significantly affect the food sector.

Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday that Moscow had sporadic contacts with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, but aware of the Maduro government.

“We have had many opportunities to receive information and feedback from them and, in turn, to convey our views and approaches,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, explaining information about contacts between Moscow and Guaido representatives.

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Ryabkov noted that the Kremlin “does not hide from any contact”.

“On the contrary, we believe that the more contacts, the better for everyone. At the same time, we do this in a way that is understandable, including to Maduro’s legitimate government, and I’m sure Washington is aware of that too,” said the Vice Chancellor.

According to Ryabkov, “These are contacts that aim to exchange information and convey firsthand the positions and approaches being worked out.”

“But it is not a parallel channel, it is out of the question, it is not a kind of permanent dialogue, it is episodic, I would even say sporadic communications, nothing more. And they can be in different ways, not at all in the form of conversations,” complemented the Russian diplomat.

Political tensions in Venezuela escalated further on January 21 of this year, when mass protests against President Nicolás Maduro occurred shortly after his reelection. Following this episode, the country’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself interim president in an attempt to depose Maduro.

Several western countries led by the US have announced their recognition of Guaido, while Russia and China, as well as several other countries, have expressed their support for Maduro as Venezuela’s only legitimate president.

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