Why the Chinese people trust their government and would unite behind it to defeat the US

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Chinese people trust their government because they had bettered their lives for three generations. The people also have a bright future to look forward to.

They know that peace and stability are essential to achieve what China has achieved and requires strong leadership to do this. They therefore like a strong leader and they see this in President Xi Jinping.

They trust their government also because not only have they delivered but more importantly create an environment whereby they can improve their lives. The equal opportunity for everyone to raise their wealth and living standards are all there for people to witness.

They are now ready to be self sufficient and not dependent on the US for export to improve their economy and the latter does not like it. The US is seen by the Chinese people as attempting to thwart their progress. This is spurring the Chinese people to unite behind their leaders and providing them with incentive to work harder and more innovatively to beat the US.

The Chinese economy is weaning off it’s dependence on export for its economic growth and instead is creating a large enough domestic market to do that. In this they would succeed as the percentage of people reaching middle class standard is larger than the US and with the new economic policies, to grow rapidly bigger.

Given that there’s a large body of hardworking, intelligent and educated people with the requisite talents and innovativeness to accelerate their technological and entrepreneurial progress, it is inevitable that China would overtake the west economically and militarily at some stage. This would happen in the near future and the US fearing losing their number one position as when Japan was ascendant in the eighties, is trying to impose conditions to stop Chinese development. This is obviously a fool’s errand as China, unlike japan, is sovereign and has more industrial strength than the US. Thus US’s attempt to undermine China as with their current subversive activities in Hong Kong, is futile.

With an educated and united people behind them, the Chinese leadership have no fear of the US. In fact, government and people are growingly aware of the US as a destructive foe and are determine to beat it.

The Chinese has now the greater number of STEM educated and research people to surpass the US technologically. Huawei is just one example of a clear lead in essential technology to ready China for the fourth industry revolution taking place rapidly. They are also leading in engineering knowledge, AI, IOT, quantum computing, alternative power generation and internet banking etc.

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There is a possibility the US may be left behind technologically because of a lack of new inventions like 5G and quantum applications.

That China would surpass the US as the leader economically, technologically and military, is clear.

There is an growing expectation by most nations in the world that China would create the peaceful environment for economic development judging by the progress of the Chinese initiated BRI, the new Silk Road construction.

The world’s nations and international bodies are rapidly recognizing the importance of Chinese contribution for a better world.

China would therefore become the leader in the current century and the next despite unimaginative and violent attempts by the US to thwart it. It would therefore be the Asian century again as in the fifteenth hundreds when China was the indisputable leader of the world.

– Louis Lim.

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