Will Russia assist China in containing the US military in the Asia-Pacific?


MOSCOW – Russia’s intention to actively participate in China’s US military containment policy in the Asian region was expressed in the first joint Russian-Chinese Pacific basin patrol, according to a military analyst.

Russian weapons expert at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vasily Kashin, indicates that the July 23 patrol was led by Russian strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-95MS and Chinese Xian H-6K, as well as other aircraft, including remote radar controlled aircraft.

In the opinion of the analyst, the purpose of the mission of these aircraft was to determine the actions of the South Korean and Japanese Air Forces in response to the emergence of Russian and Chinese aircraft, for intelligence.

Kashin comments that the H-6K bomber does not play a major role in China’s nuclear deterrence, because the aircraft, as a high-precision cruise missile carrier, has a limited range and has no refueling facilities. .

Chinese Strategic Key

However, the H-6K aircraft is a key element of China’s strategy to limit maneuvering in the Pacific operations scenario.

This plane gives the Chinese Air Force the opportunity to launch massive non-nuclear attacks on US military infrastructure and its allies to Guam Island, and “possibly beyond,” says the Russian military expert in his article, published by the Carnegie Center. in Moscow

Thanks to the modernization programs of recent years, Russian strategic bombers were able to use high precision non-nuclear weapons.

“The fact that they begin to carry out missions in the Pacific with their Chinese counterparts, even in the absence of a formal alliance between the two countries, forces us to reexamine the prospects of a possible conflict in this region,” the analyst continues.

For Kashin, this is a significant increase in the potential for attack by the Chinese Air Force , which will eventually require appropriate and costly response measures from Washington and its allies at no additional cost to Moscow and Beijing.

Military cooperation

“Until recently, the Russian factor was simply ignored when considering the scenarios of armed conflict in East Asia [Taiwan, South China Sea],” the expert recalls, adding that the long-range aircraft is the main instrument that Russia has in the Pacific, “which allows to seriously influence the military situation in the region.”

“Taking cooperation with China to a new level, the most important task for Moscow will be to preserve its narrow ‘anti-American’ specialization. It is evident that Russia is unwilling to engage in Beijing’s many ancient disputes with Asian countries. at the same time, the nature of today’s US-Russia and US-China relations makes it inevitable that Russia’s military cooperation with China will grow on an anti-American basis,” predicts Kashin.

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