YOU CAN’T HIDE: Russia catches 28 Western spy planes near its borders in one week

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MOSCOW – Russia’s Armed Forces have detected at least 28 spy aircraft near its borders over the last week.

The aircraft detected would be carrying out reconnaissance activities in the vicinity of the Russian Federation airspace.

The information was published by the Russian Armed Forces newspaper , Krasnaya Zvezda, on Friday.

The publication reveals a weekly report in an infographic format about such activities.

Over the reporting period, Russian Air Force jets were fired on six occasions to intercept spy aircraft, the report said.

The newspaper also points out that in none of the 28 cases detected was there a violation of Russian airspace.

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Elsewhere with the Russian military, veterans of Russia and Brazil are honored in solemnity to mark the victory in World War II and avoid “falsification” of history.

On Thursday, the National Veterans Association of FEB (ANVFEB) celebrated its 56 years of foundation in a solemnity at its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of civilian and military authorities. The date also marks the day of landing of FEB troops in Italy.

Crowning a partnership of years between Russian and Brazilian veterans’ associations, the Consulate General of Russia in the capital of Rio de Janeiro was present at the event and honored the present authorities with medals “In the fight against Nazi-fascism we were together.”

The Consul General of Russia in Rio de Janeiro, Vladimir Tokmakov, personally decorated the representative of the State Governor José Witzel, José Gomes Filho; the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Crivella, represented by Special Adviser Justino Carvalho; the General of the Division, Director of Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the Army, Carlos Alberto Mansur; Genera, Head of the Center for Research and Military History of the Army and President of the Institute of Geography and Military History of Brazil, Marcio Tadeu Betega Bergo; the Colonel, Director of the Monument to the Dead of World War II, Franz Rommel França do Nascimento; the President of the National Association of Veterans of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, Breno Vinícius de Amorim; the Colonel, professor and author of the book Witches of the Night, Carlos Roberto Carvalho Daróz; and the professor and historian of UERJ,

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