A STEP CLOSER TO FINAL VICTORY: Massive terrorist losses in Syria since May

By Vladimir Gujanicic & D. Bosnic


DAMASCUS – Syrian troops, supported by their allies, primarily the Russian Air Force, have liberated most of the country and destroyed most of the terrorist formations since September 2015, when Russian troops were called by the legitimate Syrian government to save the country from total collapse. In just a year, Syrian and Russian troops managed to repel the invading terrorists.

Soon, the terrorists themselves were on the run, rapidly losing ground to Syrian and Russian advance. By late 2018, that is, in just 3 years, more than 80% of Syrian territory was liberated, with ISIS being destroyed and limited to low-key terrorist activity.

This aggression on Syria was financed and supported by the Western countries and their allies in the Middle East. After hundreds of thousands of civilian and military deaths and millions of refugees and internally displaced, Syria is finally on the verge of victory. Syrian troops. primarily the “Tiger Forces” have been the spearhead of Syria’s advance. This is probably best illustrated by the recent successes against terrorists in northwestern Syria (Hama and Idlib).

The latest reports on the situation in Syria show that the SAA (Syrian Arab Amy) and SDF control more than 90% of Syria’s territory

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A new report on the number of destroyed terrorist units has surfaced and shows the massive scale of the defeat inflicted on them by the Russian and Syrian troops. According to the report, the following number of terrorist units have been destroyed:

These losses show that the recent Syrian offensive in the northwestern parts of Syria has been successful. SAA (Syrian Arab Amy), supported by VKS (Russian Air Force), as well as the SAAF (Syrian Arab Air Force) managed to destroy more than 180 terrorist vehicles.

Currently, the most serious concern for the Russian and Syrian troops are the booby traps, IEDs (improvised explosive device), AT (anti-tank) and AP (anti-personnel) mines left by the fleeing terrorists. Russian and Syrian sappers have removed tens of thousands of such devices all across Syria, and apart from terrorist attacks, these constitute the most serious threat to the restoration of normal life for the civilians trying to return home.

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