Aggressive Russia? Numbers tell a different story


In early May, Fort Russ News ran a story explaining why the Russian Armed Forces still have a strategic parity (and even superiority in some areas) with not just the United States of America, but with the entire North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO never stops parroting about its “stabilizing role in the world” and it’s constantly trying to show itself as some kind of a “UN military force”, fighting for “peace and prosperity” and bringing “stability” wherever it goes.

NATO military spending in 2016. A staggering 921.5 billion US dollars have been spent in 2016. alone.

If we were to add the defense spending of NATO’s top non-NATO allies, then the numbers are even more incredible. Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Israel, all of whom are first-tier NATO allies, have a combined military spending of over 200 billion US dollars. Added to the total NATO budget of 950 billion US dollars, we get to the mind-boggling figure of almost 1.2 trillions US dollars. The world combined has a defense spending of 1.8 trillion. That means that NATO and its satellites spend more than 67 % of the world’s military budget.

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We should ask ourselves, who and why spends so much money on death and destruction? Before we jump into conclusions of how NATO and their imperialism is unstoppable, we should take into account that despite the numbers being overwhelmingly in NATO’s favor, Russia and China have been able to keep the strategic balance. However, when it comes to the so-called “power projection”, NATO is still far ahead of everyone else. This should explain as to why NATO insists on so many wars. Of course, war is big business.

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