Albanian Nazism, PART I: Hitler walks free in occupied ‘Kosovo’

by Grey Carter

If you thought that so-called Greater Albania (the idea originated in the 19th century) is an abomination, you’d be surprised to learn that its first implementation is even more sinister, going back to the darkest times of modern history. Its instigator was none other than Nazi Germany. The idea came to fruition during WW2 and Albanians themselves see the defeat of Nazi Germany as their own personal tragedy.

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By Grey Carter – ”It is easy to identify with Hitler because we have common enemies – the Serbs.”
At the stadium in the southern ( Albanian) part of Mitrovica, during a junior football match between so-called Kosovo  ( actually Albanians)  and Germany,  the man, a living replica and fan of  Adolf Hitler without any trouble, unhindered attended the match saluting the audience with Nazi salute.
No consequences for Western sweethearts: Albanian Hitler.

Emir Gjinovci, a former terrorist, so-called ‘KLA’  member is known for his bizarre obsession with Nazism and physical resemblance to Hitler. He was posing in front of the German flag during a match.

Gjinovci spent 1990es in Germany, but, like other terrorists, he returned to Serbia, Kosovo and joined the notorious terrorist and organ harvesting group, so-called UCK and became known by the nickname Hitler.
After the war, he opened a chain of Nazi-style restaurants.
He’ s very popular and often invited to appear at weddings and funerals.
His daughters in Mitrovica are known as Hitler’s children.
The former terrorist always carries a copy of Hitler’s Manifesto “Mein Kampf” . He has repeatedly stated that it is easy to identify with Hitler because they had common enemies – Serbs.

Because of his appearance and tendency to public demonstrations and glorifying of Nazism, he’s banned from the return to Germany.
However, in occupied Serbian province, Hitler is again welcome.
History literally repeats there.
In 1943, after Germany occupied Serbia, they divided the territory into several zones, so they annexed  Serbian Kosovo to Albania. That’s how the Greater Albania was created – as a Nazi project. 
In the fall of 1943, the SS sought to recruit Albanian Muslims from this Greater Albanian state.

Albanian regrut SS.jpg
The recruitment: Albanians eager to become  SS members

The SS recruiting campaign in Albania was opposed, however, by Austrian-born Plenipotentiary in Albania Hermann Neubacher, a special emissary of the Foreign Office whose speciality was economic affairs. Because the Albanian Muslims would serve in a foreign country, the Independent State of Croatia enlarged with the territory of Bosnia and parts of Serbia.
Neubacher maintained that the SS recruiting “jeopardized Albanian sovereignty.”


Neubacher explained his refusal and the status of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija:

“When I took over my Albania mission, there were applicants in Kosovo for the Muslim Waffen SS Division, Handschar, that was set up in Bosnia. With [Obergruppenfuehrer und General der Polizei und Waffen-SS Ernst] Kaltenbrunner’s support, I managed to get Himmler to stop recruitment for the division because it did not accord with our policy of neutrality. But the Reichsführer SS, who had heard much of the famous elite regiments of Bosnia and Hercegovina in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, finally achieved his aim.

HIstorical facts and truth about Kosovo Albanians and Nazis, their role in Serbocide and Holocaust:


He got authorization from Hitler in 1944 to set up a Waffen SS Mountain Division called Skanderbeg for the local partisan war within the country’s borders. It suffered very heavy casualties in a badly led advance into partisan territory at an early stage of training. I was not at all happy with the setting up of this division, but the Albanian Government did not mind because it hoped that it would serve as the core for a well-trained national army and police force.
Šiptarine kolju Srbina.jpg
Members of the Albanian SS “Skenderbeg” Division are killing Serb civilians in Kosovo, July 1944. 

The division had its headquarters in Prizren. I prevented its deployment in the area of Kosovska Mitrovica that remained with Serbia because I was afraid it would commit excesses against the Serb population. …

“After the fall of Yugoslavia in July 1941, the Kosovo and Metohia region … was annexed by the Kingdom of Albania set up in 1939. The Albanians lost no time in driving as many Serbs out of the country as they could. Those who were expelled were often forced by local potentates to pay a fee in gold to be permitted to leave the country. They were simply following the example set by the German Reich with its emigration tax. … I recommended urgently that the Albanian Government put an end to the expulsion of the Serbs.”

Šiptari SS kamion.jpg

Western ally, Albanians in World War II – The Albanians from Kosovo in the 21st Waffen Gebirgs Division “Skanderbeg” committed war crimes and genocide against theOrthodox Serbian population of Kosovo. They planned and carried out crimes against humanity in Kosovo. Orthodox Serbians of Kosovo were the victims of ethnic cleansing and genocide. This genocide would contribute in the Shqiptar goal and policy to create an ethnically pure, Shqiptar Kosovo, in an attempt to create a greater Shqiperia or greater Albania. 
The Albanians in the Skanderbeg Division were mostly Muslims, of the Bektashi and Sunni sects of Islam. The division contained several hundred Albanian Catholics, followers of Jon Marko Joni.
Historian L.H. Stavrianos, in “The Balkan Since 1453″, described the genocide committed against Orthodox Serbs by the Shqiptar Skanderbeg Division in these terms:
” Yugoslav Albanians, organized in their fascist Skanderbeg Division, conducted an indiscriminate massacre of Serbians.” – L.S. Stavrianos: The Balkan since 1453, N.Y./ London 1958,
Balkan Historian Robert Lee Wolff, in the “Balkans in Our time”, described the genocide committed against Kosovo Serbs by the Shqiptar 21st Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS Skanderbeg as follows:
“In the regions annexed by the Albanians, their so-called Skanderbeg division made up of members of the Albanian minority in Yugoslavia, massacred Serbs with impunity.” –
The Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal declared the Shutzstaffel or SS criminal organization and every individual member of SS was found to Be a war criminal guilty of “planning and carrying out crimes against humanity”.

SS SKenderbeg WW II.jpg

The Albanians massively joined the occupying armed forces and waged terror over the Serbs. The infamous Shiptar SS Division “Skenderbeg,” carried out a horrible slaughter in the valley of the Lim between Mt. Cakor and Andrievica, on June 28. 1944. 
Albanian Nazi troops in WW2 Launched a Wide Spread Terror Against Kosovo Serbs. Albanian Skanderbeg SS Division.


Julia Gorin (Huffington Post, 03/07/2007. – eleven years ago)  writes about the Albanian Hitler:
…”Now, America’s Kosovo brings you, Adolf Hitler, himself. ” and explains that all takes place in Kosovska  Mitrovica, a town divided by a river into a multi-ethnic North, and a violently “purified” Albanian South.”:

As we paid up [for the taxi] we looked through our window and our glances were met b[y] the stern glare of Adolf Hitler looking through the restaurant’s window as he pulled back the net curtains. This could not be real surely? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Apparently not, and as I looked at Ray and Pascal it seemed we were all thinking the same: This was a surreal experience beyond any others we had previously lived. We were walking into a restaurant in which stood history’s greatest villain. The man whose name is synonymous with the greatest sins known to man. The man who had apparently been dead for over sixty years but it now seemed had been hiding away, keeping himself to himself in Mitrovica.

The Albanian Hitler walks over the bridge which separates Serbian and Albanian parts in Mitrovica

It was a seedy little restaurant with dark wood panels on the wall, upon which were hung photos of the proprietor from when he served in the UCK [Kosovo Liberation Army]. They showed him with another fellow who looked like a member of the Taliban in a red jeep which had been converted to carry a gun on the back…

The man shown in the photos sits at a table across the room from us, glancing untrustingly at us as we ordered our drinks from the waitress. There is another waiter and a cook who pokes his head out into the restaurant every now and again. They all seem very nervous by our presence, but this is not surprising seeing as the place is hidden in a little backstreet and is meant only for locals. We had just turned up in the back of a taxi, speaking in English and given what we were faced with we too were also acting weirdly.

Ray and me are trying to keep straight faces as our lower jaws quiver, while Pascal seems to look scared by the place he finds himself. How can I not laugh though, this man does not just have a resemblance to Hitler, he is a replica of him or a clone, or maybe he actually is Hitler. My mind goes off for a walk, I start to wonder whether Hitler fled Berlin in 1945 and travelled down to Kosova to hide away for some time…

The lights have gone off and the German music has slowed down and drifted out. It’s a power cut. The waitress has come over to sit with us and has started talking to us. She keeps grinning at us in a somewhat inane way. What does she want? After a while, she gets up and Ray tells us that she’d been stroking his leg under the table. Then he has to cut off suddenly as she returns…She’s being really blatant now with her seduction techniques towards Ray, and he just looks confused. One moment she’s telling him how he’s so handsome, but then the next she is saying how she hates all Serbs and hopes they all die…

The lights come back on, the tape player jumps back into action and the music begins again. The waitress brings our food over and then sits down again. She’s like a crazy teenager as she flirts with Ray, while he remains the gentleman, offering polite replies which mask the unease he now feels too. As all of this is transpiring every so often Adolf Hitler looks across at us. He spotted our cameras when we took some photos and send the waiter over to tell us not to. He knows our game and is making sure we don’t get an opportunity to get a picture of his face.

Some other customers enter and it’s clear that they’re locals to the place as they give the Nazi salutes to Hitler. Yes, it’s time to go, we’ve seen enough so we ask for the bill. It’s not a normal receipt though, that would have been too normal. Instead, it’s got a little Swastika just for effect. 

Rent -a- Hitler: a single picture with the Albanian Hitler will cost you about €5

Deciding that it would be our only chance, we asked the waitress if she would ask Hitler if we could have a photo with him, and she came back with the reply that it would cost each of us €5. Forget it, Adolf, there’s no way we’re giving you any extra money.
Saying our farewells to the waitress, leaving her to rue what might have been with Ray, [we] left 1941 Germany to re-enter modern-day Mitrovica…Going past a lovely looking mosque, we got down to the market, doing some browsing and speaking to the friendly vendors. They really warmed to Ray, several of them repeating the phrase “I love America”. Well, it looks like this is the one place on earth where people will willingly admit this, and even more strikingly, in the shadow of a mosque.”
 ,, Yes, this is who loves America. A dubious endorsement indeed. Everywhere else, we are hated for trying to beat back jihad. In Kosovo, they love us for enabling it. ”
You can read it here 

There are several individuals as popular as Hitler in Kosovo and Albania: late Richard Hallbrook, Madeleine Albright, the Clintons, and various UN, EU envoys.
Their popularity among the Albanians comes from the same reasons Hitler has been so popular – each allowed them to kill and ethnically  clean Serbs from their territory (but also from property). 


Exposing the flag of Greater Albania is the same like waving flag of Nazi Germany

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