Bernard Kouchner: I Saw raped Serbian women in Pristina, my role was to bring peace (WARNING, VERY DISTURBING IMAGES)

by Grey Carter


By Grey Carter – As soon as some of global peacekeeping machinery members step down they start to talk about the misdeeds they participated and were involved in while in power. Some of the issues were even denied by them while they were in power.

This cry over spoiled milk often seems false, crocodile tears shed, as not a small number of these international officials represented a lively and active dam to hear the suffering of Serbs to be heard and stopped.

After the Italian General De Vecchio who announced several years ago that, upon their arrival, NATO forces were finding dead Serbs on the streets every day,  the infamous French “humanitarian” Bernard Kouchner suddenly decided to ‘remember’ tortured and raped  Serbian women. Therefore in his lаtest interview, Kouchner admits that he saw rаped аnd torture Serbiаn women during his mandate in Pristina in 2000.

This Frenchmаn who without hesitation advocated Albanian criminаl interests and who covered their murders, аrsons, the genocide of Serbs … is remembered for the response that the situation in Kosovo during his mаndаte improved because ten people were killed lаst week, and one week lаter this number fell to 5 murders of Serbs.

Kouchner wasn’t interested in the investigation of any of countless crimes committed by the Albanians, nor did he show much condolence or sadness for аll what was happening to Serbs.


This young Serbian father and his little baby were brutally butchered by the Albanian Islamist Nazi  Kosovo Terrorist Bandits after the NATO Forces entered Kosovo. One of the  Islamist Nazi bandits grabbed the baby by his tiny legs and smashed his head against a brick wall. His father was first shot, then beaten to death with an iron pipe.
Bernard Kouchner didn’t want to know about this. 

Due to the demonstrated insensitivity for Serbian sufferings, Serb-rampage and bias,  there could often be heard that the Frenchman was actually an Albanian and that his real name was Bardull Kushi.  The suspicion was fueled after the acknowledge of the warm welcome he organized for the Albanian emigrants in Marseille on several occasions,  the case in July 1990. for ex.  when he welcomed the Albanian refugees arriving at Marseilles after they left Albania on the boat cаlled ”Orient Star’ on July 14, 1990.

Soon after this Medecins sans frontieres founder whose organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1999,  arrived to Kosovo, he was rewarded for turning Serbian sanctuary into the black criminal hole – he got young Albanian woman to sugar his stay.

Bernard Kouchner contribution to civilization – he helped in the establishment of a unique  ‘state’ sponsored and financed by narco-trafficking and organ harvesting – the bloodiest quasi state of Kosovo

arton18574-58be6.jpgKouchner was involved in organ harvesting and slave trade, together with the very Albanian political top, along with KFOR and UNMIK representatives. According to Carla del Ponte,  former and current Albanian prime ministers Sali Berisa and Fatos Nano were involved as well, and everything was done with the blessing of Bernard Kouchner, French Foreign Affairs Minister and former UNMIK head.

The other involved parties include Hashim Thachi, Halim Omer Osmani and Ramus Haradinai.

Kouchner’s scandal in Kosovo in Gracanica. Bernard Kouchner explodes and insults journalist when asked about  so called “Yellow house”  where Serbian civilians were kept for butchering due to the organ harvesting ‘business’


Time Kadriaj (left) and Iliriana Hasaj (right) pictured here with Albanian terrorist leader Ramush Haradinaj (center); they were Albanian doctors tasked with dismembering Serbs and harvesting their organs which were later sold to the highest bidder


Iliriana Hasaj (top) and Time Kadriaj (bottom) pictured here treating Albanian terrorists

Slavica Vuksanovic ( 50)) is one of the few that survived terror and torture by Albanian terrorists,  KLA “Gnjilane group”. This Serbian woman will remember 23 June 1999 as the beginning of four hardest days of her life. ( NATO  ‘peacekeeping’ forces have already been in control of the Province)

– It happened In front of the bakery, in the bread line. Five Albanians wearing black unifroms with terrorist KLA insignia came. They immediately pulled us out of queue and duct taped our mouth. – reminds of the traumatic event Slavica.

They pushed us into the car and drove to the building of secondary school student’s accommodations in the village of Gavran. They were beating us, hitting with guns and kicking all the way. 

KLA teror i pobijeni Srbi
But the torture was just to begin. Upon the arrival of the student’s accommodations, the newly kidnapped Serbs have been introduced in various rooms, in order to make them see the condition of Serbs who were already abducted and tortured.– When we heard screams and cries for help we realized that there were a hundred people in the building-  Slavica continues while her eyes start to water.  – Moans and calls for help could be heard from everywhere. The two of us were taken to a dark cellar where our dead martyrs have already been placed.

kla crimes kolaž

After being kidnapped, they were first taken there, stripped naked, tied up, severely beaten, mutilated, sexually assaulted and stabbed with knives. Parts of their bodies were cut off before they were viciously murdered.

-We were mostly beaten by an Albanian woman. She enjoyed in kicking us with boots, batons, pulling hair …
Slavica reminds that the monstrous woman was interrogating, threatening, shouting and torturing them in order to ‘recognize’ where Serbian police and army were at the moment.

-After every question the imprisoned  Serbs were subject to increased torture and harder punches – adds Slavica.

– After the torture they took us to the rooms on the second floor and tied for radiators. Then, even though we were already beaten and mutilated, KLA continued with torture.

-The Albanian monster  – woman was present all the time, actively participated in torture. She was pushing pillows and clothes into prisoner’s mouth in order to silence their screams and cries for help during the rape.

Suncica Paunovic and Cveta Nojkic, the victims and witnesses whose sufferings Kouchner didn’t want to know about (photo: Večernje Novosti)

One of the ways in which the Albanians tortured Serbs they held imprisoned was to force a glass in an open wound after cutting their victim with a knife, to “drink Serbian blood” as the glass gets filled, while the victims are watching.

At least one of their female victims was tied between the two cars and completely dismembered.

Numerous Serbs died after the killers checked “how many bodies a single bullet can go through”. The bodies were then dismembered and taken to different locations in order to hide the crime.

The latest statements of Bernard Kouchner provides with enough elements to charge the notorious UNMIK official, corrupted  Frenchmen as an accomplice.


Advocating further destruction: Kouchner in Council of Foreign Relations, whose members are Angelina Jolie, Madeleine Albright,

The question is: what makes the old criminal speak out now?  Maybe his fellow globalists want to get rid of Tachi, Haradinai and clean so-called  ‘Kosova’  from the most notorious elements in order to make it more acceptable for the states that didn’t recognize the quasi-state could be a part of the answer.
Photo: KLA crimes

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