British Air Force aircraft escort 2 Russian Su-30 fighters over Baltic Sea

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Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighters took off yesterday from an Estonian air base to escort two Russian Su-30 aircraft, the UK Defense Ministry said.

The British Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon fighter unit has been officially patrolling the Baltic region since 2017. The RAF has operated in Estonia as part of NATO’s air patrolling mission in the Baltic states.

“RAF Typhoons deployed in Estonia on NATO Baltic Air Policing today intercepted two Russian SU-30 “Flanker” fighters as they transited over the Baltic Sea.

The intercept was conducted in a professional manner throughout,” the British Ministry of Defense said in a tweet.

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The British Air Force regularly escorts Russian aircraft flying near the United Kingdom and over the Baltic Sea. According to the Russian authorities, their military aircraft do not violate British or any other country’s airspace, all cases of escorts have taken place without incident.

Last month, two RAF fighters were fired to intercept an Il-76 Russian military transport aircraft that was flying near Estonian airspace.

Earlier this month, the UK Ministry of Defense said Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighters had escorted five Russian military aircraft over the Baltic. The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the statement by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense.

The RAF Typhoons were operating in support of NATO’s Baltic air policing mission. Previously, the alliance deployed four multinational combat groupings in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, as part of NATO’s concentration of forces to combat the “Russian threat.”

For its part, Moscow has repeatedly denied plans to attack any NATO member, stressing that the alliance purposely spreads fear of “Russia’s aggression” to expand its presence across Russia’s borders.

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