Bulgarian nuclear physicist suspects Russian company intends to ‘ashes’ NATO


SOFIA – Scientist made statement after a Russian nuclear company won bid for construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian nuclear physicist and former chairman of the Pacific Nuclear Energy Committee, Georgi Kaschiev, said the participation of the Russian nuclear company Rosatom in the project to build the Belene Bulgarian nuclear power plant “raises concern.”

According to the expert, the Russian state-owned company would be creating a weapon aimed at reducing NATO to ashes.

“In particular, they are developing a weapon […] whose goal is to eliminate, ash their enemies, first NATO countries […] They are creating weapons against us while we invite them to build a nuclear power plant,” said the hysterical scientist in an interview with Bulgarian National Radio.

In addition, Kaschiev believes that his country is not ready to build a nuclear power plant, as Bulgaria receives the least compensation for the effects of nuclear activities. These offsets would be around $ 250 million, while Western European countries receive €500 million.

In addition to Rosatom, about 12 companies showed interest in bidding for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Bulgaria, including American General Electric and French Framatome.

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This also comes as Rosatom said earlier in this month that five of its employees died in an accident that occurred during the testing of a liquid -propelled rocket engine in a military area in the Arkhangelsk region.

The Ministry of Defense said two of its staff had died in the accident.

“Rosatom and Ministry of Defense specialists died in a military camp in the Arkhangelsk region from the fire of an experimental liquid propellant system. At the time of ignition, Rosatom employees verified isotopic energy sources created for the propellant system,” said the source.

The victims of the accident were specialists from Russian nuclear state Rosatom and also from the Russian Ministry of Defense. The incident occurred in a military area in the Arkhangelsk region.

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