China accuses the US of orchestrating “anti-Chinese criminal acts” in Hong Kong


BEIJING – The Chinese government in a note presented by its Foreign Ministry accused the US of acting in collusion with criminals in the violent demonstrations that take place in Hong Kong.

The document points to “American politicians conspiring with radical criminal elements of the Asian nation.” The statement appears after the US Congress called on Beijing not to disperse the “peaceful” protests in Hong Kong and cease attacks on the autonomy of that territory.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that “the misrepresentation of reality and the blind policy of double standards by US politicians scratch hysteria.”

“Any attempt to contain the development of China, undermine the prosperity of Hong Kong and the principle of ‘one country, two systems” will be rejected with forcefulness by all the Chinese people and our compatriots in Hong Kong, “said the institution.

Hong Kong has been experiencing a wave of protests since June 9 whose trigger was the controversial extradition law that would allow the fugitives to be handed over to Taiwan, Macao and mainland China.

China’s ambassador to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, compared the situation in Hong Kong with a revolution of colors. “Behind the scenes, it is led by Western forces, it is evident,” the diplomat said in a meeting with the Russian press.

In Russia, President Vladimir Putin granted the title of Heroes of Russia to two Russian pilots who, on August 15 on the outskirts of Moscow, managed to land on a belly and with the engines turned off to an Airbus-321, saving life of the 226 passengers who were on board the aircraft.

Meanwhile, on August 13, the US launched the old threat again that it will leave the World Trade Organization (WTO) for ill-treatment and for the favoritism of this organization to states that are said to be developing. Moscow warns that this step will call into question the existence of this body.

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