China demonstrates its power to the world by showing unique video of its missile command


BEIJING – Military giant shows for the first time the command center of its People’s Liberation Army Missile Force. The video was published on the occasion of the 92th anniversary of the Chinese Armed Forces on August 1.

Until recently, the nation’s nuclear and conventional missile force made its decisions in a lock-down place guarded by the Chinese government. The reason is the high degree of secrecy of the organ.

Celebrating 92 years of its Armed Forces, China decided to show for the first time the command center of its Missile Forces. The video shows a wide variety of armaments and their military personnel.

Dongfeng missiles, such as the mid – range Dongfeng-26 carrier carrier killer, and the Dongfeng-41 multi-warhead intercontinental missile, capable of reaching anywhere on the planet from 10,000 to 12,000, are shown. kilometers. Its speed can reach Mach 10 – about 12,350 km / h – and can deflect enemy missiles.

Meanwhile, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has manufactured new versions of the Soviet MiG-21 fighter, dubbed the Chengdu J-7, producing advanced versions such as the J-7G.

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Thus, the Chinese continue to maintain approximately 400 of these operating platforms.

The J-7 design upgrades offer highly advanced capabilities, including composite materials, to develop a sturdier, lighter aircraft structure, glass cockpit, new delta dual wing, multifunction displays, helmet displays and other technology. last generation.

As a result, the Chinese company Chengdu continued to develop versions of the MiG-21 under the J-7 designation until the end of 2013. Despite the closure of production of the J-7, the Chengdu company developed other versions of the Soviet fighter.

That’s because China produced JF-17 Block 1 fighters, relatively based on the J-7 project, however, with a totally different fuselage, making it unrecognizable compared to J-7.

According to Military Watch , another aircraft inherited from Soviet fighters is the JL-9, a combat and training aircraft that has maintained fourth-generation combat capabilities. Despite having some similarities to the JF-17, the aircraft has a considerably reduced cost.

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