Chinese media comments why the Russian Su-57 fighters are better than the US F-35

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MOSCOW – The emergence of the export version of the 5th generation Russian Su-57 fighter will destroy the monopoly of the American F-35 Lightning II fighter on the world market, writes the Chinese portal Sohu.

“Many countries opposing the United States will be able to buy 5th generation aircraft, and Americans will have to reflect very well before sending their troops there,” according to the Chinese portal.

The publication notes that India, Indonesia, Algeria, Vietnam and Venezuela may become buyers of the Su-57, but will have to “be patient” until tests are completed.

In July, India’s Air Force commander Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa declared India’s interest in considering the purchase of the all-new Russian Su-57 fighter.

In an interview, the Indian Air Force commander explained that India will only decide whether or not to buy when the 5th generation Russian Su-57 fighter has “entered service” in Russia and can be “seen in action”.

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The Su-57 (formerly known as PAK FA) is a fifth generation Russian fighter. He took off for the first time in 2010.

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The combination of its high maneuverability with the ability to fly at supersonic speeds, as well as the state- of-the-art onboard equipment and stealth capability, gives the Su-57 superiority over its competitors, according to its developers.

Russian military observer Komsomolskaya Pravda and retired colonel Viktor Baranets revealed his take on the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57.

“This is a serious acquisition for the Russian Aerospace Force because [the Russian army] currently does not have a plane that has comparable technical characteristics and tactics,” he said.

The analyst referred to the amount of weaponry of the fighter, the sophisticated avionics and the ability to detect targets before it was detected by the enemy.

“It has an advanced navigation system and a very powerful engine,” said military observer Viktor Baranets.

“The Su-57 is a considerable rival to foreign analogs of that class. Russia is acquiring a very powerful air fist,” he added.

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