Chinese media praises brand new Russian military drone Okhotnik

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MOSCOW – The first flight of the brand new Russian military drone S-70 Okhotnik-B (Hunter-B) is of great importance for the development of military technology in Russia, writes the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao.

As the article’s author, Zhang Jie noted, stealth drones made with the “flying wing” scheme have recently become one of the world’s leading aviation development directions.

“In the future, intelligence, surveillance, reporting and attacking platforms will have to combine stealth with good cruising characteristics,” he added.

Jie pointed out that thanks to “flying wing” technology, the Russian military drone has high efficiency with a constant subsonic speed.

Wide capacities

The low air resistance in this flight mode and the high aerodynamic quality allow the drone to fly long distances with the same wing span, explains the author.

He pointed out that stealth drones that are designed as “flying wings” are becoming less visible, as these drones often use flap air intake valves, there are no vertical tail stabilizers and no fuselage protruding radar reflector systems. .

The edition writes that only a first Okhotnik test flight took place and that Russia intends to make great efforts to carry out further testing and drone enhancement.

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The Okhotnik drone test is being conducted in one of the Ministry of Defense test areas. This drone should be the first heavy drone in the Armed Forces with attack functions.

Special scheme

The Okhotnik is designed according to the “flying wing” scheme using special materials and coatings that make it almost imperceptible to radar detection means.

In addition, it is equipped with optical-electronic, radio-technical and other types of reconnaissance equipment, as well as an AL-31 series turbojet engine, which is used in particular on Su-27 fighter aircraft.

At the same time, there are no weapon pylons on the wing of the aircraft: therefore the attack means are installed inside the fuselage.

First flight

In early August the first drone flight took place. It lasted over 20 minutes. Operated by an operator, Okhotnik flew several times over the airfield at an altitude of about 600 meters and made a successful landing. Later, the Ministry of Defense published images of the tests.

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