Diego Fusaro: “The fall of the Conte government? Giorgetti’s League prevailed. We have the most stupid left in the history of humanity”

translated by Jonathan McCarthy

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Philosopher, essayist, author of dozens of books (last, in chronological order, “The night of the world. Marx, Heidegger and technocapitalism”, published by UTET). DailyNews24.it exclusively interviewed Diego Fusaro who, on his social profiles, immediately criticized the choice of the League to end the yellow-green government.

An interview where different issues were addressed with attacks on the left called “the most stupid in human history”.

You immediately lined up against the fall of this government (the Conte government, born in 2018, ed): in your opinion, why did Salvini decide to bring it down?

Obviously I am not in his head and I cannot say exactly the reasons, I have an idea of this kind: naturally the League is a very eclectic movement within itself. In my opinion, the soul of Giorgetti (deputy secretary, ed), which represents the systemic and liberalist soul, has prevailed, in this way we have achieved what the liberal system has long wanted. In other words, they wanted the yellow-green populist laboratory (yellow is the colour of the 5SM and green the colour of the League, ed)  to collapse and liberalism in an Italian and sovereign flavour to prevail, the exact mirroring of what is happening in Brazil with Bolsonaro and in America with Trump. A liberalism for the benefit of the dominant system that destroys the fruitful experience of the yellow-green government that was a form of populist sovereignty with even socialist tendencies.

There are those who say that Salvini does not want to deal with the budget package and today we heard that the title of Atlantia (owners of the Italian motorways, ed) went very well because, probably, now the concessions will no longer be revoked. In your opinion, has there been any sort of strong power that somehow forced Salvini to bring down the government?

Certainly. I don’t know if we can talk about force, certainly the liberal system breathes a sigh of relief now. After all, the enemy had long been identified in the 5 Star Movement as a heterogeneous element incompatible with the system. Taken individually both the League and the 5 Star can be systemic but united in the yellow-green government they were not. They were an explosive combination that was a form of populism, some-how socialist, that was not aligned. The dominant system certainly aspired to separate these two souls, it has tried since the beginning, and now it can breathe a sigh of relief. It succeeded in bringing the scalp of the yellow-green government to the dominant order of the free-market masters. In the end it was not the European Union, it was not the judges, it was not the spread but it was directly the League of Giorgetti. I underline, the League of Giorgetti.

Now Matteo Renzi is back on the field. What should the Democratic Party do? Do they hope to catalyze the anti-Salvini votes?

In my opinion the left has no hope. The left that today is the most stupid in the history of humanity, the left we have today, instead of fighting regressive populism with a red socialist populism based on work, fight it with a snobbish, liberal, fuchsia cosmopolitanism. Their fuchsia sewage has no connection with the interests of the people but is an absurd fuchsia-rainbow vision that has no contact with real, national, popular, Italian life. So we have cosmopolitan liberalism on one side, and on the other, the regressive sovereign liberalism that is forming in Italy. We are missing a populist socialism that should be built and to this day we don’t have.

Now, as Conte has also confessed, Salvini would like to take advantage of favourable surveys. If you were an advisor of Salvini and of the 5 Stars what would you do?

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To start, I wouldn’t have brought down the government as it was. It is clear that I would recommend to avoid like the plague to fall back into liberalism, if it were not already falling back on us, the vote for the high-speed train is the emblem. The League, the Democratic Party and Forza Italia voted together for a project that is the emblem of liberalism. Even the 5 Star were not exempt from concessions and yielding to liberalism if you consider that they supported von der Leyen. Liberalism holds the bench and unfortunately always wins at this stage. It will be necessary to create an anti-liberal front that focuses on work and socialism, democracy, national sovereignty and all that is lacking in Italy today and that the yellow-green government had partly tried to create and that was destroyed.

A question that concerns you as a person: the so-called mainstream “left-wing” attack you because, having a Marxist background, you have anyway often supported measures taken by the center-right and have written on Primato Nazionale (Casa Pound’s news magazine, ed). How do you defend yourself against these accusations?

Unfortunately the Left is the embodiment of stupidity today because they are the traitors of Gramsci and Marx. They defame as fascist all that goes beyond their program of struggle against the people and for cosmopolitan liberalism and, therefore, I don’t care about the judgment of the most stupid left in history. Fuchsia and rainbow, enemies of the sickle and the hammer and of the workers. I continue on my way and try to reconstruct from below, in my own small way and with my works, a democratic and populist socialism that relies on Marx and Gramsci and therefore necessarily fights against the Left because today the enemy to fight against is not only the regressive and liberalist populism but also the fuchsia left that serves the cosmopolitan employers. The leftists who say that the national state is fascist when in reality it is the basis of possible democracy, which say that emigration is a good thing when in reality it is the weapon of the cosmopolitan employers. They tell you that to some extent you must be cosmopolitan when in reality cosmopolitanism today is the ideology of the dominant classes. Instead, I propose a socialist internationalism of national, democratic and socialist sovereign states. This is somewhat the thesis at the centre of my book “History and awareness of precariousness”.

A question with a point blank answer: if the 5 Star or League would submit you an application, would you accept?

In this context it is difficult to say. Surely it is difficult that they would propose it, given the ideas not aligned with them that I have, since I am neither liberal nor cosmopolitan nor pro-Atlanticist. I am absolutely for an eurussiatist axis, so I don’t look towards America but I look towards Russia. I am against liberalism and in favour of socialism, I am against cosmopolitanism and in favour of national states, so it is difficult to make room for my ideas. In any case, Socratically, I would dialogue with those who wanted to.


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