DOCUMENTARY: Soros – Quantum of Destruction


WASHINGTON – George Soros, a self-styled philanthropist is one of the leading people of The Swamp. And if one is to become a part of the American decision-making elite, this man is the go-to guy. His influence on the entire project of various color revolutions, “springs”, NGOs, etc. is crucial. Without him and his “philanthropist activities”, most of those would have been impossible. This man’s malign influence has brought misery to tens of millions. It’s hardly a surprise that he is hated by so many.

А petition titled Drain The Swamp is trending on It already has the support of thousands of Americans. They demand the deportation of George Soros from the country and denaturalization of his citizenship. The people are sick of his “activism”. They see nothing good coming out of it.

“We the people will no longer tolerate Soros interfering and actively working against our values. He is deliberately trying to destroy our country.”

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