Donbass Ceasefire is a Myth (VIDEO)


DONBASS – Last night, Rusian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In addition to bilateral relations, they discussed key international issues, such as the situations in Syria, Libya, and around the Iranian nuclear program. They also discussed the situation in Ukraine, including prospects of a new Normandy Four summit. According to the Kremlin’s press service, the president noted that such a meeting should be thoroughly prepared so that it could bring concrete results.

The EU and other Western countries regularly criticize Russia, even imposing sanctions, due to the so-called “violations” of the Minsk Treaty. However, it is Ukraine that never honors the deal. More than 40 shells have been fired by the Ukrainian Army yesterday, which resulted in the death of 3 Novorossiyan soldiers, while 5 others were wounded. The settlement of Grigorovka was the target of Ukrainian shelling.

In addition, Gorlovka was shelled as well. More than 20 shells were fired by the Ukrainian Army, hitting mostly residential areas. In the meantime, Azov Battalion Nazis tried to occupy the “no man’s land” in the demarcation line but were swiftly repelled by the Novorossiyan forces.

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