Germany turned into a Multi-Kulti Neolibtard “Paradise” (VIDEO)


BERLIN – Germany has been at the forefront of the refugee crisis plaguing Europe in recent years. The neoliberal elites have been trying to create their “multicultural” society for years now, but thus far, they failed miserably. Mass migration, endorsed so much by the neoliberals, has turned into a disaster.

Although this might come as a shock to most liberal-minded people, for those with a much deeper knowledge of the massive cultural and civilizational gap that exists between the newly-arrived refugees and the native population, this was to be expected. An alarming level of violence has struck many previously peaceful cities and towns across Germany. And the native population, as well as the authorities remain silent.

The harrowing experience of a Russian expatriate in Germany gives us a hint of the failure of neoliberalism. “A week ago, I took my kids out of Germany.” begins the story of a Russian programmer who fled from Europe for the safety of his son and daughter. Now, he’s recording confession videos and uploading them to YouTube. They tell the story of just a single family. However, the processes they describe go far beyond a single social unit.

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