In the face of US ‘malice and conspiracy’: Iran presents 3 brand new missiles (PHOTO, VIDEO)


On Tuesday, Iran introduced three guided missiles that, according to the Defense Minister, show Iran’s ability to defend itself against US actions.

At the presentation ceremony, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami praised the three most recent elaborations as a manifestation of Iran’s power.

The weapons were designed by the Ministry of Defense in collaboration with the Iranian Electronic Industries and named Yasin, Balaban and Qaem.

The Yasin is a smart long range missile that can be launched at a distance of 50 kilometers through a manned or unmanned aircraft.

The Balaban is a projectile guided by GPS and sensors. The missile is equipped with folding wings to increase range and can be mounted under an airplane.

Qaem is a precision-guided guided missile that can be installed on various types of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as fighters and helicopters.

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The brand new air-to-air missiles show that “despite the malice and conspiracies of Great Satan America and its mercenaries, the Ministry of Defense will not hesitate for a moment to defend the Islamic Republic and increase security,” said the quoted Iranian minister. by the Teheran Times portal .

Power show

Earlier in July, Tehran conducted tests of a medium-range ballistic missile , which covered a distance of about a thousand kilometers. The Iranian Army stated that these tests were defensive in nature and were not directed against any country.

In June, Tehran introduced a new anti-aircraft missile system called the Khordad 15. According to the Iranian military, the complex could bring down planes and drones at a distance of 120 kilometers and a maximum height of 27 kilometers. In addition, weapons can track “invisible targets” and intercept them within 45 kilometers.

All of these tests and elaborations arise amid tensions with the US, which continue to intensify particularly after the attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, the interception by the Islamic Republic of a US drone and the air strike plan against Iran that the President Donald Trump suspended at the last minute.

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