IRAN DEFENDS SYRIA, says US actions in Syria violate the country’s sovereignty

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TEHRAN – US actions in northeastern Syria aimed at creating the so-called security zone undermine the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abas Musavi.

“US behavior in northeastern Syria is an open attack on Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and is contrary to the principles of international law and the UN Charter,” Musavi said in the Foreign Ministry’s Telegram.

He also noted that “the latest statements and agreements by US officials in the security zone in northeastern Syria are provocative and cause for concern.”

In recent years, Turkey has repeatedly threatened to launch an offensive against Kurdish militias in northern Syria, which it considers to be linked to terrorists, if it cannot create a security zone with the US in that region.

Turkish and US officials held a meeting in Ankara and agreed on 7 August to establish a joint operations center and coordinate efforts to create a security zone in northern Syria.

The Syrian government calls the Turkish-American agreement on the security zone a blatant attack against the Arab country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and a serious violation of the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter.

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Earlier this month Damascus criticized the agreement between Washington and Ankara to establish a safe zone in northern Syria, calling it a violation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Previously, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that Ankara and Washington had agreed to set up a joint operations coordination center and the formation of a “safe zone” in northern Syria.

“Syria categorically and blatantly rejects the […] agreement to establish a so-called safe zone,” wrote the Syrian state news agency SANA, citing an anonymous source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

The source also argued that “Syrian Kurds, who have agreed to become a tool in this aggressive US and Turkey project, have a historical responsibility in this regard.”

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called the agreement “a gross violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, thereby violating the principles of international law and the UN Charter. According to the ministry, the agreement represents “a dangerous escalation and a threat to peace and stability” in the region.

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