Iran Introduces New Anti-Aircraft System: ‘More Powerful Than the S-300’ (VIDEO)


TEHRAN – On the morning of Thursday Iran presented its new air defense system Bavar-373, considered in the country as more advanced than the Russian S-300.

The system was unveiled on Defense Industry Day by President Hassan Rouhani, according to a statement posted on the president’s official website.

“The 373rd is more powerful than the S-300, and is more like the S-400,” the Iranian president said in his speech on Defense Industry Day.

In addition to the system, other developments in Iranian industry were also presented , including the Raad armored vehicle.

Earlier, Iran’s Defense Minister stated that after the official presentation, the system would be handed over to the country’s Air Defense Forces .

The Bavar-300 had already been tested in 2017. It is a system designed and designed completely in Iran. The Iranian military has pointed out that Bavar may represent competition for the Russian S-300.

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The air defense system with a vertical launcher is equipped with Sayad-4 missiles , according to Iranian media.

The Bavar-373 is capable of eliminating various air targets, including fighters and stealth aircraft, drones, cruise and ballistic missiles at an altitude of up to 27 kilometers and distances of up to 200 kilometers.

In addition, the system can identify targets at a distance of over 300 kilometers.

Meanwhile, US Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy said on Tuesday that as a result of the US withdrawal from the INF treaty, Washington is seeking to develop hypersonic missiles with ballistic warheads.

Ryan McCarthy, who was speaking at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington DC, commented on the US Army’s modernization and readiness efforts.

The Mid-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, signed between the United States and the Soviet Union, restricted the development, production, and deployment of ground missiles that ranged between 500 and 5,500 kilometers.

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