Iran refutes Israel and says its positions in Syria have not been attacked

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TEHRAN – Iranian government body leader said the US and Israel are not able to attack their positions after Israel said it had attacked Iranian targets in Syria.

Israeli military officials said their forces attacked Iranian targets early on Saturday south of Damascus. However, the statement was rejected by Mohsen Rezaee, president of Iran’s Council of Discernment.

“The US and Israel are not able to attack Iran’s centers and positions. The Israeli statement that our positions have become their target is a lie. Our consultation centers have not been damaged,” Rezaee said in an interview with ILNA.

In addition, the Persian leader stated that US and Israeli actions in Syria and Iraq contradict international law. He further stated that “the supporters of Iraq and Syria will soon give their answer.”

Preemptive strike

Israeli operations were allegedly aimed at preventing Iran from launching a drone strike on its territory. Jewish state officials said that in Syria units of the Quds Force were bombed. Tel Aviv confirms the possibility of fatalities among Iranian forces and Shiite groups in the region.

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Earlier this month, Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah has the ability to defeat Israel without any foreign assistance, Iranian Major General Hossein Salami said.

The statement by the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, Hossein Salami, who was speaking to officials in Urmia, northwestern Iran, on Wednesday, was quoted by the Fars news agency.

“They [the US and allies] intended to undermine Iran’s regional influence, but they all witnessed how this policy backfired and increased Iranian influence and created a united front against the Zionist regime,” Salami said.

“Lebanese Hezbollah has now developed such an extension of power through the experience of confronting close wars, and is now able to wipe the Zionist regime off the map in any possible war by itself,” Salami warned, “wherever the enemy is, we’ll be there already.”

Earlier, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps stated that the Lebanese group had 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel and ready to fire in case of war.

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