Iranian official says US coalition in Persian Gulf ‘will never occur’


TEHRAN – An Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps official said the nations of the region provided sufficient security.

In addition, he stressed that if something happens in the region these nations will “fall” on the offender.

A US naval coalition in the Persian Gulf will never be successful as the previous ones, said the deputy head for political affairs of the Guardians Corps of the Islamic Revolution of Iran (IRGC its acronym in English), Yadollah Javani, on news agency Fars.

“The enemy must know it can do nothing. Like its previous coalitions, it will also be definitely ruined and will not materialize,” he said.

According to Javani, security in the gulf region is assured by its nations, including Iran and its armed forces.

“If they choose to make a mistake someday, the whole region will fall on their heads,” he said, noting that Washington does not have serious plans to attack Iran.

Javani also commented on the recent overthrow of a US drone that raised tensions between the US and Iran over US President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure policy”.

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In addition, Javani is proud to have shot down the US drone with a self-developed defense system, according to Fars.

“[…] This masterpiece of American technology, which is famous for being radar-evasive and stealthy in action, was hunted down by an [Iranian] national defense system called Khordad-3,” he said.

In July, British Marines and Gibraltar authorities seized an Iranian oil tanker, claiming he was moving toward Syria in violation of international sanctions imposed on Damascus.

Iran immediately condemned the action, saying it was “piracy” . Shortly thereafter, Iran seized British tanker Stena Impero, claiming that the vessel was underway without its identification transponder, violating international maritime regulations.

Previously, the US launched the idea of ​​creating a naval coalition to patrol the Strait of Hormuz in an attempt to “guarantee freedom of navigation.”

Washington then invited some allies, however, several of them refused to join the coalition.

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