Is there a US organized cyber war against Venezuela?


CARACAS – Among a set of 50 computers analyzed by a security company, 75% belonged to strategic Venezuelan institutions.

Last July, a Slovak computer security company filed a report revealing cyber-espionage and cyber-attack activities against several Latin American countries.

Venezuela was one of its main targets, encompassing the strategic sectors of the Venezuelan government, including the military sector.

This information, which was also shared by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, indicates the action of a set of cyber-espionage tools called Machete, detected in Venezuela between March and May this year.

There is evidence of US espionage and cyber attacks against Venezuela. Some of them were accepted and confessed.

Venezuela is the country most affected by this malware (malicious software program that hits computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices), according to an analysis by ESET of 50 computers that have been attacked.

Venezuela: The Most Spied Country

Of the 50 computers verified through filenames and filtered document metadata, 75% corresponded to Venezuelan public institutions such as the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), the Police, and the education and foreign affairs sectors.

Far behind was Ecuador, with 16 percent of all computers being watched from abroad, especially the military area, followed by Colombia with 7 percent and Nicaragua with 2 percent.

Machete spying tools have been used since 2010 in attacks against Latin American countries, especially the military, the report said.

This comes as earlier this month Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said his country was prepared to overcome the US blockade against the South American nation.

Maduro began a campaign called ‘No more Trump’, with which the Maduro government hopes to collect 13 million signatures, which will be sent to the United Nations to protest against US sanctions.

“I tell the world who is listening to us, Venezuela is prepared to resist and overcome [US President] Donald Trump’s racist blockade … we are prepared for victory,” Maduro said during a march in Caracas against the US aggression.

The head of state called on Venezuelans to “fight” the attacks of the Trump administration.

“I have come to call the people of Venezuela to fight, fight, charge, act against Donald Trump and his imperialist aggression … to raise the flags and say that Venezuela is respected,” he said.

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