Israel to join British led NATO Air-force exercises for first time

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LONDON – On August 28th, planes of the German and Italian air forces arrived at the British military airbase Waddington to participate in the Cobra Warrior-2019 international exercises, as well as the Israeli air forces, invited for the first time. In the near future they will join the  air forces of Great Britain and the USA for intensive tactical training of large military formations.

“The Royal Air Force welcomes the participation of our colleagues from other countries. We welcome the opportunity to train together with all the forces of the participating countries in this complex exercise, “- noted the director of the exercise group, Captain Robert Barrett.

The exercises, which will be controlled by the leadership of the British Air Force base, plan to use about 50 aircraft of various types. The date for the Cobra Warrior-2019 is from September 1 to September 20.

“Accompanied by a tanker, 7 Israeli Air Force F-15 fighters arrived at the Waddington Air Base (4 – F-15D and 3 F-15C). One of the F-15C fighters on the fuselage has a distinctive sign of an air victory over the Syrian air force’s aircraft, ”the Operation Line said.

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In January of this year, Israeli media reported that the British Air Force first invited the Israeli Air Force to take part in the traditional Cobra Warrior exercises scheduled for September. It was emphasized that the British and Israeli pilots periodically intersect at international exercises conducted by the United States, but so far have not conducted joint exercises organized by one of the parties.

In 2018, Israeli pilots took part in a joint RAF training seminar in Scotland, but Israeli planes did not fly to the UK then.

In response, the British Air Force will take part in the Israeli Blue Flag exercises in 2020.

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