Kalashnikov machine guns are the best in the world

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Experts from the National Interest magazine reviewed the best handheld machine guns in the world.

First on the list went to Kalashnikov’s PKM submachine gun, followed by Belgian FN MAG 58. Third place went to the German MG3 submachine gun.

In the standings also came the South African weapon Vektor SS-77, followed by the Israeli-made submachine gun IMI Negev, version 5.56.

Notable features

According to the magazine, the Kalashnikov machine gun is lightweight, weighing about 7.5 kg, safe and durable. These features make it one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

“PKMs are some of the most feared weapons facing US troops abroad and are popular with Western-aligned private security contractors,” the article said.

This is not the first time a National Interest article has commented on the characteristics of the PKM machine gun. It was previously written that while Kalashnikov’s most famous creation is an assault rifle, the machine gun is “the best thing the company has ever created.”

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Meanwhile, Russian arms consortium Kalashnikov presented its latest unmanned reconnaissance and strike aircraft capable of locating and destroying hostile targets.

The ZALA Lancet Intelligent Attack Drone does not require any additional land or sea infrastructure to locate and attack its targets.

This new generation unmanned aircraft has its own reconnaissance, navigation and communication modules, as well as a 3 kg payload, capable of performing a “precision strike” within a radius of up to 40 km.

Most advanced system

With a takeoff weight of 12 kg, the brand new kamikaze drone, unlike previous models, continuously broadcasts a video of its engagement with the target to confirm the successful completion of its mission. This system is superior to standard types of similar weapons, but at a lower cost.

“In the context of modern warfare, the drone is capable of hitting targets in the air, on land and in water,” said head of Russian state corporation Rostec Sergei Chemezov after the new weapon was unveiled at the international military and technical forum.

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