Liberation of Idlib, PART I: Road to Khan Sheikhoun (VIDEOS)


Idlib, Syria – The SAA (Syrian Arab Army) has been very successful in destroying the head-chopping “moderates” all across Syria. This is especially true for the now-legendary Tiger Forces. Being the spearhead of Syria’s war effort is anything but an easy task. Since Russian forces’ involvement in the Syrian war, the Tiger Forces have been resupplied and reequipped with new small arms, transports and even armor. Russia supplied AK-74M assault riffles, Rys LMV tactical vehicles and last but not least, the T-90 tanks.

Coupled with Russian training, the presence of their advisors, pinpoint accuracy of Russian airstrikes, as well as the sheer bravery of the Tiger Forces, this SAA unit has become the single most successful unit of the Syrian War. However, it’s easy for us to check out how a map of SAA’s advance looks like. With just a couple of clicks, from the comfort of our homes, we see the terrorist losing ground at lightning speed. “Khan Sheikhoun has fallen! Terrorists have been driven out!”, it looks so easy, doesn’t it? Well, let’s see how it really looks like.

Video by ANNA News shows the Idlib offensive in early August; English captions are available

After liberating areas south of Al Habit, Syrian troops, faced with suicide bombers hiding in tunnels, mines, booby traps, terrorist snipers and multiple rocket launcher systems, advanced steadily towards the city of Al Habit itself, and after short but heavy fighting, managed to take the city. The second video shows just how hard-won this victory was.

Video by ANNA News shows the Idlib offensive in early to mid-August; English captions are available

By mid-August, it was clear the terrorists had no means to counter Syrian troops. Russian supplied the Syrian Army with enough night-vision equipment, as well as thermal sights for the armor, which gave the SAA a clear advantage, due to their ability to conduct night operations. This limited the effectiveness of their anti-armor weapons and the terrorists were often caught by surprise.

At this point, Turkey decided to intervene by sending a convoy of armored vehicles in support of “their outposts” as they claimed. The Syrian Arab Air Force launched an airstrike on the Turkish convoy in order to prevent the terrorists from getting additional weapons. The attack resulted in several casualties. Both parties expressed an official protest.

Ankara said that the convoy was bringing vital humanitarian supplies to Observation Point No. 9 and in order to keep supply routes open and prevent civilian casualties in the region. However, the “humanitarian supplies” included about 28 military vehicles, including at least 7 battle tanks, and was moving towards the “moderate rebels” (al-Qaeda-linked terrorists) who have been getting pounded by the Syrian Arab Army.

Video by Vesti News shows the Turkish convoy moving deep into Syria’s Idlib Province

This violation of Syria’s sovereignty on part of Turkey was continued when the country dispatched a squadron of F-16s to provide air support to their units and the so-called “moderate rebels”. However, according to reports, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets were scrambled from the Khmeimim Airbase to intercept them. The Russian pilots were able to drive Turkish combat aircraft out of the Syrian space in just a few minutes. Russia was able to coordinate actions with Turkey after the incident and this prevented any possible escalations.

Video by Vesti News shows the Turkish and Russian FMs commenting on the situation


A map showing the situation in southern Idlib on August 19




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