Maduro humiliates Duque: Reminds him Colombian liberator was Simon Bolivar, not Captain America

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CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, on the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Boyacá, reminded Colombian President Iván Duque Marquez that the liberator of the peoples of South America was Simon Bolivar, not Captain America.

During the celebration of the anniversary of the Battle of Boyacá on Wednesday, a Venezuelan general recalled Duque’s statement, which underscored the crucial importance of the founding fathers of the United States in the independence of Colombia. Maduro did not miss the opportunity to comment on the Colombian president’s words.

In early January 2019, during a visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Cartagena, Duke wrote on Twitter.

“200 years ago the support of the founding fathers of the United States for our independence was crucial, so receiving your visit today fills us with joy and honor, precisely this year of the #Bicentenario, so important for our country,” said the US-puppet president.

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The statement addressed to Pompeo caused a flood of criticism on social networks, even becoming a meme.

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Netizens began publishing historical images of Latin America’s main battles for independence, replacing comic book heroes – Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman and others. However, Duke did not even mention the fictional movie characters in the statement.

“I share the general’s indignation and anger at Iván Duque’s behavior towards Mike Pompeo, who said that Captain America was the liberator of Colombia. Perhaps this is a bad joke. It may have been appreciated by someone who likes the movie. America Captain or Spiderman Iván Duque, listen to me […] Simon Bolivar has always been and always will be the Liberator of Colombia […] They want to distort history to deceive us! Cowards!” stressed the president of Venezuela.

The Battle of Boyacá of August 7, 1819 symbolizes the liberation of much of Latin America from Spanish rule, Simon Bolivar being the national hero of Venezuela.

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